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Union members, February 11 Movement hold protest, call for end to transitional government.

WORKERS OF THE CAPITAL UNITE: About 1,000 union members and members of the February 11 Movement gathered in Tahrir Square on Wednesday on the eve of International Workers' Day. The secretary of the legal rights and freedom department at the General Union

SANA'A, April, 30--About 1,000 union members gathered in Tahrir Square on Wednesday and marched to the Parliament and Cabinet, calling for the end of the transitional government.

The February 11 Movement and the General Union of Yemeni Laborers called the demonstration to demand an end of the transitional government.

Abdulla Al-Jabri, the secretary of the legal rights and freedom department at the General Union of Yemeni Laborers, told the Yemen Times that the union has pressing labor demands, but feels it cannot even present them to the government because it is incapable of fulfilling such demands.

The transitional government was established in December 2011, following the stepping down of former President Ali Abdulla Saleh as a result of the 2011 youth uprising. The government consists equally of the former ruling and opposition parties, as stipulated by the Gulf Initiative as part of the power transfer deal.

Demonstrators condemned the government for corruption. The February 11 Movement had a similar demonstration in mid-April.

This latest march came one day before International Workers Day.

"We have taken a united stance with the union--our demands are identical," Talal Aqlan, a member of the February 11 Movement, told the Yemen Times. Workers are the backbone of the country, Aqlan said, and the February 11 Movement will support them.

"This march is only the beginning if our demands go unfulfilled," said Al-Jabri. The union includes 15 syndicates--all of whom participated in the march, according to Al-Jabri.

"If the protests are ineffective in securing our demands we will take the squares and remain there until our demands are met," he added.

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Publication:Yemen Times (Sana'a, Yemen)
Date:May 6, 2014
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