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Union appeals to council for minimum wage.

A UNION has appealed to Cardiff's 75 councillors to back their claim for a six per cent pay rise.

The Transport & General Workers' Union say councillors in the city are receiving an average of around pounds 1,500 more a year than the lowest paid workers in the authority.

Tomorrow, the trade unions representing council workers meet the local government employers for more national talks after rejecting a 2.5 per cent increase in pay. The union wants to establish a minimum wage of pounds 11,000 a year.

In a letter to councillors, Monica Walsh and Mike Formosa, TGWU branch officials at Cardiff council, said that councillors had received hefty increases in their allowances within the last six months.

"Many of our councillors do not attend meetings but still get paid their allowances. Our members have to work 37 hours a week and in many areas where the pay is low - pounds 9,250 - they have to work overtime in order to take home a decent living wage.

"While new structures may have placed more responsibility on some elected members.

"Our members are being asked to do more, often for less. In the context of councillors' pay rises, our claim for a minimum rate of pounds 11,000 seems more than justified, " added the two officials.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 27, 2002
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