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Union Process builds DMQX-Mill.

Union Process, Inc. has recently manufactured and delivered a complete PLC-controlled milling system for processing silicon. The DMQX-10 Milling System initiates the process cycle by delivering liquid to the premix tank. Dry powder is then delivered via vacuum transfer and metered into the tank using a volumetric feeder. The raw materials formulation is monitored using load cells mounted beneath the pre-mix tank. The process cycle is then started and the material is milled to specification. Once the milling step is complete, the slurry is automatically pumped to a dryer where the material is dried and the liquid is recovered and recycled for the next process cycle. The entire process is controlled by an integrated PLC with user friendly touch screen interface. The DMQX-10 Milling System provides consistent and efficient sub-micron grinding with minimal operator intervention.
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Publication:Coatings World
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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