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UniPress Software links FootPrints service desk to

UniPress Software, Inc., a leading mid-market provider of Web-based service desk automation software, has announced an integration between its FootPrints service desk and's CRM sales automation application that does not require any programming. Through UniPress' recently announced FootPrints CRM Bridge, organizations using the sales component of can bi-directionally link this system with UniPress' FootPrints Web-based service desk solution. This capability enables sales and support personnel using these respective tools to share and access information between FootPrints and, and provides a 360-degree view of customer and support ticket data to manage customer relationships more effectively.

Using the FootPrints CRM Bridge, contact records stored in can be easily mapped to FootPrints through a wizardbased set-up screen. This dynamic link allows organizations to maintain a single, centralized contact record source between sales and support groups through and FootPrints, improving data accuracy and delivering realtime information to users.

With this integration, sales representatives using for their sales automation have the ability to view their customer's support issues logged in FootPrints via a "FootPrints issues" button from within the CRM sales automation tool. This gives sales professionals the ability to view any recent or outstanding support activities for customers in real-time, and can provide information that may be used for "upsell" opportunities. In addition, support agents working in FootPrints will have the ability to provide comprehensive support capabilities by linking to a single, centralized corporate address book where they can get the most up-to-date customer contact information that is stored in the CRM address book. This is possible through the use of one "shared" master address book that is used within the entire organization when using the FootPrints CRM Bridge.

"Organizations running CRM and FootPrints can now link these systems together without programming, and deploy a best-of-breed solution to improve sales and service operations," explained Mark Krieger, President of UniPress Software. "Through this new integration, sales and service personnel have fast, dynamic access to more information and the latest contact records available, which in turn, can make a positive impact on the overall customer experience."

As an added benefit of the integration of these two systems, customers can leverage FootPrints' comprehensive workflow automation, self-service online, advanced two-way e-mail management, and more to deliver highly effective customer support.

FootPrints Web-based service desk software is an award-winning mid-market solution that delivers comprehensive, advanced support automation in an easy-to-use, fast-to-implement, and affordable tool. FootPrints' capabilities include centrally managed, multichannel issue management, self-service online, knowledge management, two-way e-mail management, SLA management, customer surveys, dynamic access to SQL and LDAP-based corporate address books, automated reporting, and telephony integration.

The FootPrints line of Web-based service desk solutions helps organizations of all sizes streamline and automate customer support and help desk operations. The FootPrints product line consists of four versions of FootPrints technology, along with numerous integrated add-on tools to support a variety of different business applications.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Apr 18, 2005
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