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UniComp and Banyan Systems Enter Into Marketing Alliance.

MARIETTA, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 18, 1998--

Companies Team Up to Sell the Oaktree and Date-A-fix

Network Test and Fix Y2K Products

UNICOMP, INC. (NASDAQ: UCMP) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Banyan Systems, Incorporated (NASDAQ: BNYN), a leading provider of advanced enterprise solutions, whereby Banyan will represent to their customer base the implementation of the Oaktree Network Client Management tool as a Network Y2K solution. UniComp has distribution rights to the Oaktree and Date-A-Fix product line to resellers worldwide.

Oaktree is a complete enterprise network system that enables software to run effectively over all PC based infrastructures. Oaktree enables the execution of software across the following platforms: Windows95/98, Windows NT4+, OS2, Novell 4.11, Novell 3.11, Windows 3.11, and MS DOS. Oaktree is 100% expandable and has been designed to give real value to networks. Once Oaktree is installed on a network, modules can be purchased at any time that will enable further functionality.

The Oaktree product is a universal automated LAN/WAN Y2K test and fix toolkit with features that include: Automatic gathering of network clients and hardware identification; Y2K testing, fixing, and the monitoring of client machines upon one log in for RTC (real time clock) and BIOS compliancy (the set of encoded read-only programs that control hardware devices), and then monitor the presence of the fix in real time. One of Oaktree's most popular features is its information gathering capability which includes a complete set of reports that show all machines, all pass machines, all fail machines and all untested machines. All operations may be cloned across single users, groups and entire server domains. Oaktree includes support for WAN environments, allowing executable modules to be placed at separate locations away from the main databases. Oaktree is a complete network tool that enables add-on products e.g. Asset management, Security layers, etc. Oaktree is published by Deeside Technology Ltd. UK.

Stephen A. Hafer, President and CEO of UniComp, said, "We are pleased with the market's acceptance of the Oaktree product and believe the availability of such a dynamic WAN tool will prove invaluable to many Fortune 500 companies and their Year 2000 efforts."

About Banyan Systems Incorporated: Banyan Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: BNYN), founded in 1983, is a leading provider of advanced enterprise solutions that integrate multi-vendor networking environments. Headquartered in Westboro, Massachusetts, USA, Banyan ( supports hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide with products and services that integrate core business applications and intranets creating highly reliable, easily managed and secure global networks. The company also provides co-existence and migration services, secure and remote access for business applications and tools to deploy and manage Intranets, directories and messaging. Banyan, VINES, StreetTalk and BeyondMail are registered trademarks of Banyan Systems Incorporated.

UniComp, Inc. develops markets and supports platform-migration, vertical market applications and payment processing systems for Windows NT and UNIX-based computer systems and point of transaction processors worldwide. The Company licenses its technology to a cross section of industries including manufacturing, distribution, transportation, public-sector, point of sale and transaction processors. Additionally, the Company provides installation, training, systems integration, support and Year 2000 services, serving a worldwide network of end user customers, dealers and distributors. UniComp employs over 500 staff worldwide and has over 50 distributors internationally, with over 30,000 installations in more than 55 countries. Please visit our World Wide Web site at for further information.

This announcement contains forward looking statements and remarks relative to future events and financial performance which are subject to the risks and uncertainties described in reports filed from time to time with the SEC. These filings contain and identify important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in our forward-looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, timely development and market acceptance of its products (and upgrades to those products), completion of UNIBOL400 for Windows NT development and its subsequent market acceptance, the ability to develop new products to penetrate the POS marketplace, market pressures on its services businesses, and the impact of competitive products, pricing, and the fact that the company's software product license revenue can fluctuate from quarter to quarter as a result of various factors and conditions.
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