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Beware: Binge boozers

THIS autumn sees the introduction of the relaxed drinking laws, and we will be able to booze 24 hours a day.

Yet just last week it was revealed that Britain is bingeing more than ever, with a record consumption of more than 8bn litres of alcohol a year.

It is clear why fears have been raised about how the new laws will only encourage the trend.

As Britain's alcohol intake figures increased, Europe's levels fell, with France dropping by 6% and Germany 8%.

But bingeing Britain rocketed, with an increase of 5% more alcohol consumption than in 1999.

So why do we Britons encompass ourselves in an alcohol- centred lifestyle?

The author of the shocking report, Hanna Kivimaki, said: "In Germany and France the culture seems to be moving towards healthier lifestyles and away from alcohol."

In addition to the rising alcohol consumption figures, the report showed wine levels to be on the increase by a massive 23%.

This is said to be caused by "a Bridget Jones generation of women and our increasingly sophisticated tastes".

In the UK, wine sales are now larger than spirits. The popularity of wine among women has helped this impressive growth.

Britain showed our love for beer remains, with no change in the amount of beer consumed over the past five years.

Again, Germany and France's levels fell, both by 10%.

The report coincides with reports of Brits abroad.

It was reported last week that young holidaymakers on the Greek isle of Zante are disgracing themselves with crude behaviour as a result excessive alcohol consumption.

So, not only do we consume more alcohol than the rest of Europe, we consume even more when we visit Europe!

The drinking culture of young people in Britain is concerning.

I personally feel that increasing licences to 24 hours a day will only encourage people to drink more as early as they can and till as late as they can.

This will fuel violence and crime, not only during the early hours but at any time.

When in Italy I saw that alcohol was something to enjoy with your meal, not something to get you blind drunk.

If the rest of Europe has this mindset, why does Britain seem to be oblivious?

Perhaps they're all too drunk to notice!
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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