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Unholy Grail: The US and the Wars in Vietnam 1965-8.

War and Aftermath in Vietnam (Routledge, 40 [pound]) and Unholy Grail: The US and the Wars in Vietnam 1965-8 (Routledge, 30 [pound]). These two books on the Vietnam war, the first by T. Louise Brown and the second by Professor Larry Cable, complement each other. Miss Brown's provides a wider view of Vietnamese society, and of the background and consequences of the war, and includes a stuty of the role of public opinion in America. Professor Cable's study is more specific. It covers the period between the sending of US troops and the address by Lyndon Johnson and the Americans' war efforts were to be limited and that he would not stand for another term as President. Mr. Cable's book is based on manuscript material in various US archives and tells uys much about American war planning in generl nd the background to the defeat in Southeast Asia. Each book in its own way makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of this sad chapter in recent history.

Donald Nicol, formerly Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History of King's College, London, and now at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, puts his specialist knowledge of late Byzantine history to use in compiling A Biographical Dictionary of Byzantine History (Seaby, 18.50 [pounds]). It is at once concise but comprehensive, vivid but authoriatiative. Everyone is here who mattered in the world run by and from Constantinople from its founding in 330 to the day when the Ottoman Turks captured it in 1453: emperors and empresses, patriarchs and philosophers, writers and soldiers. This is a valuable reference book, firmly rooted in the original Greek sources, and with an excellent bibliography.
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Author:Nicol, Donald
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Date:May 1, 1992
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