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Unholy Church row.

Byline: james mccarthy

OPERA brat Faryl Smith has been taking pop shots at our beloved Charlie Church for selling out by singing pop songs.

The precocious Britain's Got Talent loser said: "I don't view her as an inspiration. I'd never sell out like she did. I'd never go pop.

"I'll stay true tomy classical roots."

Calm down love! You might not want to burn all your bridges there with one of the nation's most influential singers.

And, of course, appearing on a load of commercial nonsense designed to do little else than line the already fat pockets of Simon Cowell, ain't selling out. I'm sure Bryn Terfel is gutted he didn't make it past the auditions.

The pre-teen warbler continued:

"When I'm older I'd like to be like Katherine Jenkins."

Great. Just what we need.

Another doll impressionist.


CLASSICAL GAS: Faryl Smith speaks out
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 8, 2008
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