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Unfolding the feminine.

If you've never taken a yoga workshop with Angela Farmer, you've missed out on an inspiring, life-changing style of yoga. Farmer has transformed traditional, static poses into feminine, living, moving poses. As her students flow through her classes, their bodies sway, fold, roll and open in a sensual dance. Go into triangle pose with Farmer and your belly will lift and open, undulating like a jellyfish, becoming loose, soft and pliable.

Farmer likes to work with the belly--the mysterious part of a woman's body where life grows. "We hold a lot of emotion there and as you relate more to your belly it takes away your tight control on life," explains Farmer. "If our belly is tight, we restrict the energy that keeps us healthy. When the belly is pliable and alive we can move and massage the organs."

After years of training and teaching, Farmer, a tall, thin, handsome woman with a wild mane of gray hair, changed her yoga-style from masculine to feminine. Her epiphany came when she visited a temple on the northeast coast of India. "It was covered in little sculptures ... female figurines. They had really rounded breasts and buttocks and little waists, and were moving in a very feminine sensual way.

Something clicked inside me that said these are yogis ... yoginis, yet they are women. I realized that I had been doing yoga as if I was a man, which was quite a shock, even though I had enjoyed it," says Farmer. "That temple changed something inside me, my body started to change and one thing led to another."

Farmer's video, The Feminine Unfolding ($25), beautifully demonstrates how to open every cell in your body with movement, discover where emotional pain is blocked, unravel and release it and fill the remaining space with power. Besides achieving a healthy body, you become comfortable with who you are. The video consists of Farmer teaching in a classroom setting, individual demonstrations by Farmer or one of her assistants and dialogue with Farmer discussing her journey from masculine to feminine yoga.

Farmer's video can be ordered from Hands on Health at (303) 778-9321 (day) or (303) 894-9713 (evening). For a list of upcoming workshops, visit

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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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