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Unfairly shopped; RECORD VIEW.

HMRC stopped the single mum's payments because they thought she had a new man.

How could she deny it when Martin McColl kept showing up on her bank statements? When "he" turned out to be the trading name of RS McColl, the newsagent which houses the Post Office Debbie regularly uses.

She was guilty until proven innocent. That meant going without an essential PS140 a week in child tax credits.

This is the kind of flippant and high-minded attitude that leads people to question who the system is designed for.

Time after time stories emerge of people on the breadline being punished by mistake or by overzealous jobsworths.

HMRC say they take a fair and effective approach. After hearing Debbie's story, that attitude sounds like a bad joke.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 30, 2015
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