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Unemployment at the lowest level in the past two decades--dropped to 28.8%.

The employment in Macedonia is constantly dropping. In the second quarter of 2013, as the State Statistical Office (SSO) informed, a rate of 28.8 percent was reached which is the lowest level of unemployment in the last 17 years.

According to SSO'sw latest poll for the labour force, the country's active population totals 952, 327 persons, 678,467 of whom are employed while 273, 860 are unemployed. The activity rate is 57.1, employment rate--40.7 while the unemployment rate is 28.8 percent. The latest drop happens after the unemployment dropped to 29.9 from 30.6 percent in the first quarter of 2013, which were measured in the last three months of last year.

The improvement in the economy which the GDP growth attests to is one of the reasons for the positive changes in the field of employment. In the second quarter of this year, in parallel with the significant drop of unemployment, a noticeable growth of the economy has been registered and according to the calculations of SSO, the GDP increased by 3.9 percent in this period after it reached a 2.9 percent growth in the first trimester.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski assessed that this is a good trend that started with the last quarter of last year and continues with the two quarters in this year and is result of the numerous efforts made to improve the business climate and various measures that were undertaken in times when the crisis in the European Union has still not been overcome.

Despite the numerous measures for improving the business climate and development of the economy, which create growth of the employment, the Government in recent years has made moves directed at creating new jobs. With series of measures, alleviations and favourable credits through the Employment Agency, it opens the doors of young people to create private sustainable businesses.

Also, the surge of foreign direct investments, mainly in the industrial zones, plays a significant role in reducing the unemployment in a period of crisis when it showed an upward trend both in the countries in the region but also in the EU. Thousands of unemployed people got jobs in the past three years after the industrial zones got filled with factories, mostly from the sphere of the car industry. Several other foreign direct investments are announced to be opened soon which will require employment of new workers. It is assessed that just the investors that will move to Bitola's zone "Zabeni" by the end of this year will engage over 1,000 persons. Johnson Controls announced that it will employ 1,400 persons in the new factory in Stip. Additional 2,000 employments are announced for agricultural complex "Dzumajlija" that will be undertaken by Indian billionaire Subrata Roy.
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Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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