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Undying Glory: The Story of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment.

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Black achievements often go unrecognized in American history. And keeping our youth informed--especially when school texts offer little information on blacks--is a tough battle. However, scoring points in this fight is journalist Clinton Cox, who has penned Undying Glory: The Story of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment for young adults.

Other than the movie Glory, very little is available on the 54th, the first black regiment to fight in the Civil War. But Cox's thorough research and journalistic flair bring to life the pain and courage of these black war heroes.

Hopefully, Cox has not written in vain. If our youth are to know anything about blacks in history, Undying Glory must have its place in the American history class.

--Tania Padgett Undying Glory: The Story of the Massachusetts 50 Regiment by Clinton Cox; Scholastic Inc., New York, 1991, 167pp, $14-95
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Author:Padgett, Tania
Publication:Black Enterprise
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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