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Mesobot, Follow That Jellyfish! NEW ROBOT WILL TRACK ANIMALS IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE. LaCapra, Veronique Mar 22, 2019 963
A Deep Look into the Ocean Twilight Zone: AN INNOVATIVE VEHICLE ILLUMINATES LIFE HIDDEN IN THE DARK DEPTHS. LaCapra, Veronique Mar 22, 2019 2037
A Twilight Zone Dive with Heidi Sosik. LaCapra, Veronique Interview Mar 22, 2019 606
Mission the Twilight Zone: The urgent quest to explore one of Earth's hidden frontiers. LaCapra, Veronique Mar 22, 2019 4323
Deep-Sea Milestones. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 184
INTO THE BLUE: With the majority of the ocean still remaining undiscovered, a team of marine scientists is about to set forth on one of the most ambitious deep-sea research and education projects ever attempted. Field, James Mar 1, 2018 1895
What lies beneath. Siber, Kate Jun 22, 2016 1481
Microsoft's Underwater Data Center Proving To be Seaworthy. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 197
Would oceanic exploration reach new depths? Brief article Jan 1, 2016 173
Electromagnetic exploration of the oceanic mantle. Utada, Hisashi Report Jun 1, 2015 11759
Alvin: ocean research submarine: a new submersible, capable of taking oceanographers into depths greater than a mile, was launched 50 years ago. Walsh, Joseph B.; Rainnie, William O., Jr. Aug 1, 2014 380
Final frontier vs. fruitful frontier: the case for increasing ocean exploration: possible solutions to the worlds energy, food, environmental, and other problems are far more likely to be found in nearby oceans than in distant space. Etzioni, Amitai Jun 22, 2014 5086
Oil contract endorsed. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 119
Deep network: real-time monitoring of the seafloor reveals unexpected links. Shugart, Jessica Cover story Oct 19, 2013 3524
Forecast: deepwater business offers long-term opportunity. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 264
Reactions of fishes to two underwater survey tools, a manned submersible and a remotely operated vehicle. Laidig, Thomas E.; Krigsman, Lisa M.; Yoklavich, Mary M. Report Jan 1, 2013 9969
Marine antifouling for underwater archaeological sites: Ti[O.sub.2] and Ag-doped Ti[O.sub.2]. Ruffolo, Silvestro A.; Macchia, Andrea; La Russa, Mauro F.; Mazza, Lorenzo; Urzi, Clara; De Leo, Fil Report Jan 1, 2013 3925
Task allocation and path planning for collaborative autonomous underwater vehicles operating through an underwater acoustic network. Deng, Yueyue; Beaujean, Pierre-Philippe J.; An, Edgar; Carlson, Edward Jan 1, 2013 8300
Deep-sea plunge: new submersibles explore the farthest reaches of the ocean. Warren, Stephanie Oct 1, 2012 1158
No-sweat bubble test. Oct 1, 2012 421
On the validity of the Trieste Flatfish: dispelling the myth. Jamieson, Alan J.; Yancey, Paul H. Report Jun 1, 2012 3113
Deep-sea adventurers: James Cameron's underwater exploit has put submersibles in the spotlight. Holly Else reports on a range of exciting projects. Else, Holly May 1, 2012 1577
Helmer kept on top of things during deep-sea dive. Cohen, David S. Apr 2, 2012 461
Touring the Titanic: on the 100th anniversary of its doomed voyage, researchers rush to preserve the Titanic before it's lost again. Brownlee, Christen Apr 1, 2012 770
Antarctica is for crabs, Caribbean is for shrimp: big differences seen among deep-sea vent communities. Witze, Alexandra Jan 28, 2012 945
Back story: missed opportunity. Brief article Jan 28, 2012 158
In all but name: the mystery of the shipwreck Thomas Hume. van Heest, Valerie Nov 1, 2011 2195
Habitats. Nov 1, 2011 325
High school students discover Lake Huron shipwrecks. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 250
Robots under ice: in October last year, scientist Martin Doble joined a research expedition to Antarctica to gather data beneath the sea ice using state-of-the-art underwater probes. But the supercooled seas, temperamental technology and inquisitive wildlife made for an eventful month on the ice. Doble, Martin Report Apr 1, 2011 1568
Seals with tags map the seafloor: oceanographers with flippers probe depths near Antarctica. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Nov 6, 2010 261
Science past: From the issue of JULY 16,1960. Brief article Jul 17, 2010 125
Jason encounters the carnivorous sea squirt. Nevala, Amy E.; Lippsett, Lonny Oct 1, 2009 605
A new deep-sea robot called Sentry completes first mission. Nevala, Amy E.; Lippsett, Lonny Oct 1, 2009 593
In a league of their own: the second part of a series examining the IED award prize winners' projects. May 1, 2009 1155
Vision: Undersea habitation; The perils and promises of sea living. Docksai, Rick Sep 1, 2008 1220
The ice above, the fire down below. Lippsett, Lonny Apr 1, 2008 2573
Thales unveils robot craft plan for underwater surveillance. Brief article Jan 30, 2008 126
Finding Florida's lost settlement: a six-member team is searching for evidence of a community of former African slaves and American Indians. Frazier, Herb Aug 9, 2007 1063
NASA heads to underwater lab. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 141
Deep-sea action. Brief article Jun 10, 2006 207
Roxby appeal update. Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 122
Flying blind in the ice factory: scientists test innovative technology to navigate vehicles under polar ice. Lippsett, Lonny Dec 1, 2005 1073
A glide across the Gulf Stream: remote-controlled Spray's historic step heralds new era of ocean exploration. Nevala, Amy E. Jun 1, 2005 1081
Other Causes of "Great Waves". Feb 1, 2005 703
Divers have discovered the wreck of the famed HMS Victoria standing vertically upright on the seabed just off the coast of Lebanon. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 112
Kinross, Rio Tinto eye underwater mining technology. Louiseize, Kelly Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 297
Treasure islands. Nov 1, 2004 1795
New generation subsea excavator. Apr 1, 2004 578
Divers test Poseidon's resolve. (travel news). Kollias, Tania Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 130
Electronic jetsam: ocean rovers explore the depths and monitor the environment. Perkins, Sid Feb 1, 2003 1934
Underwater ruins. (India). Sibun, Jonathan Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 241
All aboard the oceans: this month, in a new Geogrophical diary series, Orla Doherty describes her life on the RV Heraclitus Expedition, a nine-month trip on an 82-foot ocean-going research vessel. Supported by the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation, the expedition is undertaking coral reef research, drawing on diving, seamanship and maritime skills, international teamwork and cultural interactions. Brief Article May 1, 2002 454
Key West treasure house: There was a frenzied excitement when divers descended and saw a veritable reef of silver. Shaver, Beverly Brief Article Apr 14, 2002 1008
Monsters of the deep. (Marine Biology/Oceans). Allen, Laura Mar 25, 2002 1428
Unlocking the mysteries of the Mascarene Plateau -- mission complete. (In Society: a round-up of news, views, and events happening this month at the Society). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 331
Late, great geographers. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 832
Undersea Riches. GUYNUP, SHARON Oct 4, 1999 1432
The golden age lives on. Hemming, John Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 766
Exploring the global mid-ocean ridge: a quarter-century of discovery. Macdonald, Ken C. Cover Story Mar 22, 1998 2849
The women of FAMOUS: remembrance of times past. Sullivan, Kathryn D. Mar 22, 1998 1260
Mid-Atlantic Ridge volcanic processes: how erupting lava forms Earth's anatomy. Smith, Deborah K.; Cann, Johnson R. Mar 22, 1998 1763
Discovery of "megamullions" reveals gateways into the ocean crust and upper mantle. Tucholke, Brian E. Mar 22, 1998 2855
The magnetic thickness of a recent submarine lava flow. Tivey, Maurice A. Mar 22, 1998 1749
Indian Ocean's Atlantis Bank yields deep-Earth insight. Dick, Henry J.B. Mar 22, 1998 2032
In league with Captain Nemo. Newbery, Beatrice Dec 1, 1997 1886
Science on the sea floor. Stiefel, Chana Freiman Mar 7, 1997 1688
Diversity in a vast and stable habitat: midwater is one of earth's least explored environments. Madin, Laurence P.; Madin, Katherine A.C. Sep 22, 1995 2652
Robotuna. May 5, 1995 171
Visualizing the deep sea. Fornari, Daniel J.; Bowen, Adrew D.; Foster, Dudley B. Mar 22, 1995 2037
DSV Alvin. Walden, Barrie B.; Cullen, Vicky Mar 22, 1995 644
Acoustic snapshots: images from noise. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Dec 10, 1994 393
Borehole measurements beneath the seafloor. Worthington, Paul F. Dec 22, 1993 1400
Voyage to the bottom of the sea. Ashley, Steven Dec 1, 1993 3317
Keepers of the deep. Freiman, Chana Cover Story Sep 3, 1993 659
Rock slide under the waves. Mar 14, 1992 256
Animals seared by deep-sea eruptions. Monastersky, Richard Dec 7, 1991 637
Spectrophotometer checks marine life under the ozone hole. column Dec 1, 1990 417
Submarines show you Hawaii's undersea world. Jul 1, 1990 440
Hawaii underwater. Directory Apr 1, 1990 4356
Undersea forests of the Pacific. Jul 1, 1988 398
Treasures of the "Atocha". Stall, Sam Biography Nov 1, 1986 2995

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