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Understanding your colon better.

Colon hydrotherapy simply means cleansing the colon directly through the rectum.

Shians Wellness Centre colon hydrotherapist, Michelle Chu says that an average person may have three to 11kg of dried faecal matter sitting in their colon.

It can be a 'heavy' experience leaving the stomach bloated and a feeling of uneasiness.

'The colon is roughly 1.6m in length and a diameter similar to the wrist - a very large area thus we cannot completely cleanse the colon. All we want to cleanse is the rectum which stores waste so that it can create a clean environment for the bowels to work and absorb nutrients more efficiently.'

The colon is the sewerage system of the body. With neglect and abuse, it becomes a cesspool of toxins that will spill over the whole body.

Chu explains that constipation is caused by several factors including diet, stress, inadequate water intake or side effects of certain medicine.

It has also become a misconception that colon hydrotherapy reduces weight significantly due to the toxic waste removed from the inside of the colon when actually it is not. Colon hydrotherapy simply gets rid of all that 'back-logged' waste 'clogged' up to about one feet from the rectum. One should probably seek other weight reducing therapies or help from nutritionists for weight loss.

The centre's managing director, who is also Chu's husband Jim says that he experiences a bloated stomach everytime he takes spicy food. However, after undergoing colon hydrotherapy he feels better and he now goes through the therapy almost once a week.

According to Chu, clients who opt to have colon hydrotherapy at her centre would initially be fearful of it but she promises that a single session will change their views on the therapy. She says the procedure takes about 45 minutes; 30 minutes to allow highly purified water to enter via the rectum into the colon and immediately after; 15 minutes of the centre's very own PMC Natural Coffee Enema with seven different ingredients to be administered through the same route up the colon.

It is always an unhealthy digestive and elimination system that brings about constipation which can consequently cause diseases. It is believed that constipation creates the build up of toxins that in turn builds up an environment suitable for bad bacteria and parasites to thrive thus becoming a menace to our wellbeing.

At the centre, the procedure in colon cleansing comprises a coffee enema integrated colon hydrotherapy. According to Chu, a coffee enema combined colon hydrotherapy will re-train and re-shape lazy colon muscles, eventually leading back to natural bowel movement.

She reiterates that this is a complementary therapy in one's overall health care. Chu offers her extensive knowledge, advise and expertise and the safest and risk-free way to manage this experience so that her clients enjoy healthier lives.

Besides being a safe and effective therapeutic measure, Chu says that colon hydrotherapy with water cleanses and dilutes the toxic load in the colon whilst preparing the colon for easier absorption of the coffee enema in the second stage.

Coffee enema can help the whole body to detox, reducing the burden on the liver and boosting the immune system, restoring internal balance and improving overall health.

We know that modern lifestyle and activities today could lead to habits such as eating processed foods and additives, stress, smoking, alcohol, late-nights, lack of sleep and breathing contaminated air. These play contributing roles toward irregular and inefficient bowel movements giving rise to constipation and other digestive disorders.

Enema coffee laced colon hydrotherapy is largely believed to be one of the solutions that can help remove accumulated waste, toxins, parasites, bad bacteria while hydrating and exercising the colon muscles which in turn creates a harmonious environment for good bacteria to thrive. Simply put - the concept of colon hydrotherapy comes from the principle that regular emptying of the bowel is pertinent towards avoiding ill-health.

About coffee enema:

In natural therapy, coffee enema is believed to be and recognised as the fastest and the most effective method for colon detoxification that primarily helps detoxify the liver and kidneys while bringing about other benefits. It has been clinically proven that coffee enema can enhance liver detoxification efficiency up to six to seven times, intensively purifies the bloodstream and prevents toxic bile re-absorption. Coffee enemas are widely used all over the world as a form of health maintenance to prevent illnesses. It is also used by Dr Max Gerson's Gerson Therapy to help patients fight cancer with the natural treatment, unleashing their bodies' potential to recover and repair.

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