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Understanding Sharks.

Understanding Sharks

Erich Ritter

Krieger Publishing Company

PO Box 9542, Melbourne, FL 32902-9542

1575242699 $59.50 1-321-724-9542

Understanding Sharks: The Fascinating Behavior Of A Threatened Hunter by shark behavior expert Erich Ritter (and which is competently translated into English by Valerie Haecky), provides an in-depth documentation of expert observations and documented understanding of the shark's behavioral engagements in their natural aquatic habitats. One of the world's leading shark experts, Erich Ritter. introduces the reader to biological, behavioral, habitual and instinctual concepts which modern zoological science has come to grasp in terms of this remarkable sea-creature. Understanding Sharks has invaluable commentary regarding what may be situationally appropriate when in a confrontation with a shark. Understanding Sharks is very strongly recommended to all students of aquatic biology, shark behavior, as well as non-specialist general readers who frequent coastal areas where there are sharks in the water.
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Title Annotation:Understanding Sharks: The Fascinating Behavior Of A Threatened Hunter
Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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