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Understanding Irene Nemirovsky.

Understanding Irene Nemirovsky

Margaret Scanlan

University of South Carolina Press

9781611178685 $49.99

Understanding Irene Nemirovsky analyses the works of a best-selling 1930s novelist who re-emerged in a new light in 2004 when her book Suite Francaise became a success in France and the U.S. It had survived for sixty years after the author was deported to Auschwitz, but despite the renewed attention to the nearly-lost manuscript, the extent of her works was never fully analyzed and many were condemned as being anti-Semitic as critics billed her a "self-hating Jew." This sympathetic, scholarly review of Nemirovsky's fiction also considers her life, how her experiences were reflected in her writings, and the social and political facets they contained. This is a reader best appreciated alongside Nemirovsky's own works, or through a re-reading of their contents and impact, and deserves a place in any collection strong in Holocaust literature and experience.

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Date:Oct 1, 2018
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