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Understand today's relevant technology terms. (Tech Tool Kit).

An emerging technology trend is a progression to all-Web, browser-based solutions. These systems promise to be easy to deploy, provide an appealing interface for the user, offer centralized control, and achieve a low total cost of ownership.

E-mail and Web applications successfully cross boundaries using common rules and formats. XML Web services are no different, as shown in the graphic. They apply the same approach to connecting applications, by being platform-neutral, leveraging standards, and integrating existing systems.

To enhance understanding of emerging technology in the industry, I have provided further information about some of today's key terms.

* XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, the universal format for data on the Web. XML is an open industry standard managed by the World Wide Web Consortium. XML includes not only data but also instructions to describe the data so that other systems can understand it. The data are therefore 'unlocked' for easy editing and exchange among Web sites, applications, and devices.

* XML Web services are small, discrete, building-block applications that connect to each other--as well as to other, larger applications--via the Internet. Applications can access XML Web services without the knowledge of how another XML Web service was implemented or what language was used to program it.

* .NET -- Microsoft's platform for building, deploying, operating, and integrating XML Web services is .NET (pronounced dot net). It is not a programming language. .NET is a set of Microsoft software technologies including XML Web services, Smart Clients, Servers, and Developer Tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET for connecting information, people, systems, and devices.

With a clear understanding of XML and .NET, you will be better equipped to take an active part in the search and implementation of state-of-the-art technology solutions to move your organization into tomorrow.

RELATED ARTICLE: Avectra is the leading technology provider to the nation's most influential member-based organizations. Avectra's netFORUM solution is the first XML-based, Association Management Software (AMS) Enterprise System written entirely with Microsoft .NET. netFORUM is an attractive and comprehensive solution, promoting streamlined work flow through "smart" wizards and templates. This easy-to-use and state-of-the-art solution combines traditional AMS features with content management and extensive e-commerce functionality.

Contact: 800-858-8272


Robert Miller is president of Ave ct ra. E-mail:
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