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Underinsured statistics.

A little insurance isn't necessarily better than none, according to a study from the Commonwealth Fund. Drawing from a survey of 3,293 adults, the study found that 16 million adults were underinsured in 2003, meaning their insurance did not adequately protect them against catastrophic health care expenses. Underinsured adults are almost as likely as the uninsured to go without needed medical care and to incur medical debt. For example, more than half of the underinsured (54%) went without needed care during the year, failed to fill a prescription, or failed to visit a physician for a medical problem. "An increase in the numbers of underinsured could undermine effective care, health, and financial security--making it harder to distinguish the uninsured from the insured," according to the report. The study appeared as a Web-exclusive article in Health Affairs, June 14, 2005.
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Date:Jul 15, 2005
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