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Undergraduate Research Awards Committee.

The South Carolina Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Sigma Xi Chapters of Charleston, Clemson and the Central Savannah River recognized outstanding undergraduate research at colleges and universities within the State for the ninth consecutive year. The purposes of the Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate Research is to foster, encourage and recognize the work done by undergraduates on projects of exceptional scientific merit. In addition, all award winners received certificates recognizing their achievements.

The Horace Byrne Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Presentation is sponsored by the Explorers Club of Columbia, South Carolina, and was presented to the best overall undergraduate presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Awards were also made to the outstanding female and male undergraduate students. These individuals each received an honorary one-year membership in the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a one-year subscription to Science.

The Awards were made by a panel of distinguished scientists from the industrial and academic community, and were based on the research presentation by students before the Academy at its Annual Meeting. In making the Awards, particular attention was paid to the student's understanding of the problems studied and to the scientific merit of the student's work.

Award Winners by Category for 2001:

Astronomy: Thomas M. Freismuth, College of Charleston. An inquest of non-linear pulsations in BQ Serpens and VS Pupis

Biochemistry: Rita P. Cuthberstson, University of South Carolina - Columbia. Investigations of ethynylestradiol during wastewater treatment

Cell Biology: Ndiya Ogba, Benedict College. Toxic effects of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons on human breast cancer cells

Field Biology: Olymphia D. B. Raines, Coastal Carolina University. Vegetation mapping of a Barrier Island in South Carolina

Chemistry: Jennifer R. Downs, College of Charleston. The C-acylation of trilithiated acetoacetanilides followed by cyclization and rearrangements to 3-aryl-5-aninoaryl-2H-pyran-2-ones

Earth/Geological Sciences: Katie Purvis, Coastal Carolina University. Temporal and spatial variations in turbidity and total suspended solids in the Waccamaw River, Horry County, South Carolina

Geography: Audrey Stokes, University of South Carolina - Columbia.

Supervised learning for persons inexperienced with aerial photography

Math/Computer Science: Gerald Thomas, South Carolina State University. A relational database of astronomical images

Physics: Mark S. Loringer, College of Charleston. Investigation of photosensitized collagen and fluorescence

American Association for the Advancement of Science Award to the Outstanding Female and Male Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Female Undergraduate Student Ndiya Ogba, Benedict College

Outstanding Male Undergraduate Student Gerald Thomas, South Carolina State University

Horace Byrne Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Presentation Ndiya Ogba, Benedict College and Gerald Thomas, South Carolina State University

Special Award in Biological Sciences - Invertebrate Studies Emily Novak, College of Charleston Effect of the Imported Red Fire Ant on Determination of Postmortem Interval in Coastal South Carolina

The Academy extends its thanks and appreciation to the judges who did an outstanding job of evaluating the undergraduate presentations. The judges for 2001 were: Fusun Akman, Teresa Burns, Richard Dame, John Denis, Graig Gilman, John Goodwin, Chris Hill, Iona Mihaila, Dough Nelson, Peggy Perozzo, Joe Pinson, Chris Sanderson, John Steen- Coastal Carolina University: Karen Hall and Melissa Riley - Clemson University; and Peter King - Francis Marion University.
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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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