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Under the gable, just enough space for a small but efficient bath.

Under the gable, just enough space for a small but efficient bath

After buying acreage near Portland to keep horses, these homeowners faced the challenge of squeezing more living space out of the appurtenant farmhouse. Designer Martha Kerr, of Neil Kelly Remodelers, solved the problem by turning the partially finished attic into a master suite. Kerr removed walls and transformed two small rooms under the main house gable into a generous bedroom. Next to the bedroom, she added a new gable and tucked a small but efficient bath into the space. Luckily, the size and spacing of the rafters allowed her to move walls around and open up the ceiling without installing additional support. Most of the remodeled area remains as it was, with just a few smallish windows. The new gable, however, provided an opportunity to "blow the roof off" with a large, gable-filling window and generous skylights over the shower. The concentrated openness of this one area gives the entire suite an airy feeling.

PHOTO : New gable set into hip-roofed attic created space for small bathroom with oversize shower.

PHOTO : Openable skylights span the ridge, delivering great outdoor views and bringing light and

PHOTO : air to entire master suite

PHOTO : Close, but not cramped, angled counter with double sinks wraps inside corner under a

PHOTO : sloping wall that carries down to floor
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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