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Under the eaves, they found room for a big bath.

Under the eaves, they found room for a big bath

A dated design element--flat roof eaves that project 3 feet past the exterior walls--became an advantage when Judy and Tom Thompson decided to expand their hillside house. They used the wide eaves to roof several room expansions, gaining a total of about 1,000 square feet of new space.

To update the master bath, they opened the exterior wall and built outward from the eaves, creating a 5-foot-wide green-house-like space with a shed roof and walls of tempered glass. A framework of 4-by-4s supports the glass; silicone caulk seals the joints.

A new perimeter foundation supports this extension.

The custom-built 4- by 6-foot tub uses a newly installed solar water heater. Rim ledges hold bathing supplies and a collection of plants that thrive in humid air and east light.

Marca Weston Whitfield Architecture of Laguna Beach, California, designed the house expansion.

Photo: Suds explorers play in big tiled tub that fills glazed addition under eaves

Photo: Outside, sloping glass roof projects beyond original overhang. Cantilevered catwalk makes window-washing chores a lot easier
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Date:Oct 1, 1987
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