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Under the big umbrella.

Since starting its operations in the UAE back in 2009, Tanzifco has established a solid name for itself as a dedicated cleaning service provider. A member of the Tanzifco Group, which originated from Kuwait back in 1963, the UAE-branch oversees a range of contracts across a variety of industries.

The company has however, predominately operated within the healthcare sector, and in fact, its most notable contracts include Mafraq Hospital, the main office of the Ministry of Health and the Ambulatory Healthcare Services (SEHA).

While Tanzifco has successfully evolved its facilities management services to go beyond the realm of cleaning, its FM functions has never been managed under a centralised organisation. Now with the formation of CFM Facilities Management Services, a sister company of Tanzifco Emirates, the brand strives to become a one-stop-shop for all things FM.

"All of our experience in Tanzifco over the last 50 years, we have handed it over to this facility management company. We have made CFM our umbrella," beams Ali R. Deryan, general manager of Tanzifco.

Drawing specialised personnel from across the group's organisations, CFM manages three companies under its 'umbrella': TNZ Maintenance Work, Fist Security and Safety and Tanzifco Express.

The first, TNZ Maintenance Work, will focus primarily on hard services. This will include MEP services and maintenance for AC units, lifts and generators. Fist Security will serve as the FM provider's security service provider, while Tanzifco Express is a cleaning division for use on single 'one-time jobs', such as villa and apartment cleaning.

"The added value for the client will be the price, as we are not going to put margin. Normally, in FM, they hire sub-contractors for cleaning or for pest control, and they put in the costs in their margin. As a result, price will be higher," explainsDeryan.

The general manager further explains that control over such projects can become overly complicated. Should issues arise, it will often mean contacting multiple companies in order to address the issue on hand. CFM's goal is to simplify the process for the client.

"When CFM has a project, since it manages the entire group under it, you do not need to put a margin in - this approach will also give us more stability," adds Deryan.

Moving beyond the traditional soft and hard services, CFM is also looking to further expand its waste management service model across regional operations, while at the same time strengthening the division's capabilities.

In Kuwait alone, the team is made up of roughly 500 personnel who primarily focus on municipal waste collection, boasting a daily gathering rate of 450kg. Tanzifco's general manager hints at an active operation in Oman, as well as an ongoing tender to oversee a landfill in Abu Dhabi.

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In addition to its core cleaning services, Tanzifco also assists healthcare centres in managing the collection of medical and hazardous waste. Its service includes sterilisation and autoclaving, onsite treatment with equipment like incinerators, as well as providing collection supplies, such as medical waste bags, labels and containers.

Though waste segregation and recycling are practices currently deployed by Tanzifco, the FM provider has already begun to explore the possibilities of waste-to-energy (WTE).

Though it is an area that Deryan still sees a lack of expressed motivation from local governments, who have neither put forth the right tenders or allocated appropriate funds for support, he remains adamant that this is the future for waste management.

In preparation for the predicted boom of the sector, Tanzifco has partnered with Italian-based waste management firm EECotes.

The integrated facilities management company will also be supported by Tanzifco Training Centre (TTC), an in-house training program operated by Tanzifco. Originally incepted out of necessity, the division was created primarily to address an issue with the Tanzifco's recruitment process.

As the bulk of the its staff is drawn from across Asia, particularly the South Asia and Southeast Asia sub-continents, the company was forced to rely on local recruitment firms to identify and bring in fresh talent.

While successful in delivering manpower in bulk, which proved useful in meeting the quotas of large scale projects, Tanzifco found it was losing a significant number of employees because of miscommunication.

Recruitment firms would often advertise higher salaries and even misleadprospective candidateson the job position. This lead to specialists, such as mechanics and carpenters, being brought over to fill the role of a cleaner. More often than not, newcomers would be unsatisfied and would decide to return back home, costing the group significantly.

With training centres now available across all ten branches of the group, the TCC handles the recruitment and training of all incoming staff right from the grass-root level.

Beginning with the initial induction program, which includes instruction in the English language, and personal grooming, employees are eventually certified as per the Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certification of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BISCS). Strongly emphasising the value of health and safety, the workforce is certified to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) standard.

Staff are also further trained to match the requirements of each respective contract they are attached to.

Whether this means instruction in a specialised skillset, such as rope access, or simply etiquette training to operate within a hospital environment, TCC prepares Tanzifco's workforce to tackle a variety of different operations. Lessons learned from individual projects are then shared across the entire group.

"We as group believe in innovating and upgrading ourselves constantly. We are open to adopting newer technology and work methods, and share it amongst the operational teams across countries, so as to grow and develop holistically," explains Deryan.

Client list

Tanzifco provides FM services to a number of high-profile clientele including:

- American University of Kuwait

- Kuwait Finance House

- Barwa Real Estate Company

- Injazat Real Estate

- Dubai Municipality


- Mafraq Hospital

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