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Under our wings.

While I agree with many of the points made by Linda Darling-Hammond in "Quality Teaching Matters" (Innovators, January), I think there's one point she missed.

In my school district, we're expected to take college students studying to be teachers into our classes--teach them. monitor them, guide them, and integrate them into the professional life of the school.

Taking a student teacher under one's wing is a wonderful experience, one that I often learn from. Still it's for no pay. Last year, I received thanks (and some candy) from the district--but no word from the university.

The university charged the student tot books, lees. and tuition for a course that, for all practical purposes, I taught. What's wrong with this picture?

Rita Charles

San Antonio, Texas

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Author:Charles, Rita
Publication:NEA Today
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 1997
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