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Uncovering all the bases.

Drivers, the canvas cover for your vehicle's intake and exhaust grilles is made to keep ice, snow and other debris out of the engine compartment when the vehicle's not in use.

The cover is not made to help the engine warm up faster during cold weather.

Some operators keep the grilles covered anyway. They figure the faster the engine warms up, the sooner the mission will be accomplished.

Not true. In fact, the mission may not get accomplished at all. Leaving the cover in place heats the engine too fast and can burn it up.

Also, fumes from the engine compartment that would normally be vented through the exhaust grille are forced into the driver and crew compartments. That's a deadly proposition.

Always roll the cover back from the exhaust and intake grilles before starting your vehicle. Secure the cover in place with the straps provided.
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