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Uncompressed Compositing Solutions Based on Videonics Effetto Pronto and Digital Voodoo's D1 Desktop for Macintosh Demonstrated at BDA 99.


Compositors and motion graphic artists looking for the fastest and highest quality desktop video workstations based on Macintosh computers will find them at the Digital Marketing International (DMI) booth 516 at the ProMax & BDA (Broadcast Designers Association) 99 Exposition at San Francisco's Moscone Center from June 9 through June 12.

Effetto Pronto(R), the award winning Compositing and Effects system from Videonics and the new, D1 Desktop from Digital Voodoo of Australia offers higher quality and performance than systems costing thousands of dollars more.

"People are constantly searching for speed and quality. They are also looking for value," said Mike Skibra, President of Digital Marketing International, Digital Voodoo's North American representative. "D1 Desktop provides the absolute best I/O solution while still using only one slot in a Blue and White G3 Macintosh. Combine that with the Videonics Effetto Pronto and you have a solution that simply cannot be beat."

"D1 Desktop is able to take full advantage of the speed offered by Effetto Pronto because like Effetto Pronto, its internal processing pipeline is full bandwidth digital video," commented Yeshwant Kamath, President of Videonics. "The time required for compressing and decompressing video is eliminated, making the Effetto Pronto/D1 Desktop system perfect for capturing, applying filters, geometric effects and titles, and compositing digital video."

Digital Voodoo is the only D1 (ITU-R BT.601) videographics engine that provides uncompressed QuickTime(R) capture and playback for less than $4,000. Digital Voodoo's D1 Desktop products come in two versions, D1 Desktop Lite, a playback only version and D1 Desktop, which permits capture as well as playback of uncompressed D1 video.

Digital Voodoo also provides a software only Codec so that users of other workstations can render output using the Digital Voodoo 4:2:2 Uncompressed Codec for later output on a Digital Voodoo equipped workstation. Both D1 Desktop and D1 Desktop Lite serve as a second Macintosh display when not in use for D1 input or output.

Effetto Pronto is a comprehensive QuickTime-based Compositing and Digital Video Effects system for the Macintosh that provides the ultimate in productivity, creativity, flexibility and economy. Effetto Pronto consists of the Effetto QuickTime-based compositing software and Pronto, a dedicated PCI effects processing engine that provides unparalleled creation and production speed.

Features include: film and video resolution compositing, sophisticated titling, instant feedback on a video monitor, texture and bump mapping, color correction and, an advanced keyer. Effetto Pronto's true 3D workspace offers dazzling 3D effects including: 3D warps with perspective, 3D animatable lights and, a 3D animatable camera. Effetto Pronto can be easily integrated into any Power Macintosh or G3, or QuickTime-based non-linear digital video editing compositing suite. A free 30 day test drive of the Effetto Pronto is offered by authorized resellers.

D1 Desktop and D1 Desktop Lite are available from authorized Digital Voodoo resellers for $3,995 and $1,495 respectively. D1 Desktop and D1 Desktop Lite are manufactured by Digital Voodoo. Digital Voodoo was founded in 1993 by a team of world leading post production engineers from Australia, UK and Singapore. Digital Voodoo' s headquarters is located in the post production district of South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Digital Voodoo is represented in North America by Digital Marketing International ( Inc.) of Jamesburg, N.J. DMI is a member of the Point Pacific Holding Video Group.

Videonics is a leading designer of affordable, high-quality digital video post-production equipment for the broadcast, cable, business and industrial video post-production markets and the home video producer. Videonics products include edit controllers, mixers, character generators and video editing software solutions. Its stock is traded in the U.S. on the NASDAQ SmallCap Market under the symbol VDNXC. More information on Videonics may be obtained from the company's SEC filings, or by contacting the company directly.


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