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Uncommon Property: The Fishing and Fish-Processing Industries in British Columbia.

Publication of "Uncommon Property, the Fishing and Fish-Processing Industries in British Columbia" edited by Patricia Marchak, Neil Guppy, and John McMullan, formerly a Methuen Publications book, has been announced by the University of British Columbia Press, 6344 Memorial Road, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T IW5.

This is primarily a review of the social and economic structures of the Canada's west coast fishing industry, which includes considerable historical data and information for a broader perspective. And its insights into the political economy, sociology, and anthropology of commercial fishing makes it a much more different contribution than just a review or statistical analysis of such a fishery.

The volume sprang from a 3-year project by the University of British Columbia's Department of Anthropology and Sociology, in which the authors surveyed various fishing communities and groups including unions and Native Americans, as well as data on domestic and international markets, historical materials, the work of the Pearce Commission and much more.

The book is divided into three parts with part one devoted to the history of the industry, the role of the Federal and provincial governmental groups in it, raw fish markets and the processing sector, international markets and the British Columbia fisheries role in them.

Pan 2 reviews and discusses the labor sector, with chapters on shore workers and fishermen and their working conditions, the history of their labor organizations, the role of the Native Americans in the fisheries, and the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union newpaper's published perspective on the BC. fisheries. Part 3 then discusses the fishing communities themselves, and the effects on them, their responses to declining catches, and their viability. In sum, the authors have provided a unique reference with broad insights into the fisheries of Canada's west coast. The 424-page book is paperbound and is sold by the UBC Press for $21.95.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 22, 1989
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