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Uncollected waste health hazard to people, livestock.

Serowe Administrative Authority (SAA) deputy district commissioner, Mr Charles Modise says farmers in nearby lands are blaming the district council for their ailing livestock.

He said farmers whose cattle were condemned at the abattoir due to measles, blamed the council for failure to collect waste which ended up being consumed by cattle..

Mr Modise who is SAA Sub-district Development Committee chairperson told its members that waste that remained uncollected for long, contaminated the area with plastics, baby diapers and all other non-digestive material which were a health hazard to livestock and human beings.

He said livestock was attracted to the village by waste and called upon responsible authorities to act.

'Our cattle are at high risk of disease because of rubbish from overfilled dustbins. Dogs sneak into the fenced dump and carry soiled diapers into the bush and leave them there,' he said.

Some, he said dumped litter within grazing land without considering the safety of cattle.

'The carcasses may be diagnosed with measles at the abattoir, but what about those killed at home for weddings and funerals? They are not tested and this becomes a public health concern,' stated Mr Modise.

He urged council by-law officers to chase out livestock roaming the village and make sure owners were charged.

In an interview with BOPA, Mr Patrick Motalaote of Botalaote Ward in Serowe said his cattle were condemned with measles recently.

'Farming is our only livelihood and the council is impoverishing us. When my cattle were found with measles, I was paid less and the money was delayed as a result,' he said.

Another villager stated that 'mind you, when I decided to sell cattle at the abattoir, it was to address a desperate need but instead of getting P3 000 for a cow, I ended up getting less than half and had to wait for more than a month for the payment. We want to sell to Botswana Meat Commission and gain from it as well,' he stated.

The general concern was that farmers received less for cattle worth thousands if found with measles while the BMC made losses..

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Publication:Botswana Daily News (Gaborone, Botswana)
Date:May 30, 2019
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