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The molecular genetics of UV-Sensitive syndrome: A rare dermal anomaly. Abbasi, Ansar Ahmad; Khan, Saadullah; Khan, Muzammil Ahmad Report Oct 23, 2021 3605
Warning of harmful level of UV radiation for Cambodia in next 7 days. Aug 18, 2021 170
Five mistakes people make with sun cream including only applying on bright days; Sun cream is essential in the fight against skin cancer and you need to wear it correctly to be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. Many people, however, make some common mistakes. By, Michelle Cullen & Chiara Fiorillo Jun 14, 2021 393
UV Radiation Can Kill Coronavirus. Jun 1, 2021 348
Effect of UV-C irradiation on greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Leskey, Tracy C.; Short, Brent D.; Emery, Makaila; Evans, Breyn; Janisiewicz, Wojciech; Takeda, Fumi Report Jun 1, 2021 2953
The antimicrobial efficacy of shielded ultraviolet germicidal irradiation in CT rooms with intense human circulation. Yildirim, Gulsah; Kilic, Haluk; Karakas, Hakki Muammer Report Mar 1, 2021 6405
'House of Hummingbird' star Park Ji-hu embraces her full potential in 'Black Light'. Feb 8, 2021 504
Proper Selection of Light Stabilizers Crucial to Long-Term Performance of Exterior Architectural Coatings. Feb 1, 2021 1205
Discoloration and Degradation of Bamboo under Ultraviolet Radiation. Yu, Haixia; He, Shengliang; Zhang, Wenfu; Zhan, Mengyao; Zhuang, Xiaowei; Wang, Jin; Yu, Wenji Jan 1, 2021 4557
Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles by Hydrothermal Methods and Spectroscopic Investigation of Ultraviolet Radiation Protective Properties. Bulcha, Bekele; Leta Tesfaye, Jule; Anatol, Degefa; Shanmugam, R.; Dwarampudi, L. Priyanka; Nagapras Jan 1, 2021 5838
UVB Irradiation Induces Human Skin Fibroblasts Senescence Through Regulation of -Catenin and Smp30 Expression. Report Dec 31, 2020 3538
Just 3 sunbed sessions a year could increase women's risk of endometriosis, study warns; Sun beds and exposure to UVA ultraviolet light not only increase the chances of developing skin cancer, but can also be linked to a greater risk of developing endometriosis, according to new research. By, Shivali Best Report Dec 2, 2020 1179
Chemical degradation and failure analyses by acoustic emission of PP/EOC blends exposed to ultraviolet radiation. da Silva, Jessica Raquel M.B.; Cavalcanti, Rebecca Stefani F.B.; Rabello, Marcelo S. Report Dec 1, 2020 5626
Decontamination of Ti Oxide Surfaces by Using Ultraviolet Light: Hg-Vapor vs. LED-Based Irradiation. Arroyo-Lamas, Nagore; Ugalde, Unai; Arteagoitia, Iciar Nov 1, 2020 5499
Extinction in Ultraviolet. Sep 1, 2020 279
LET THERE BE LIGHT: Is it a bright idea to use ultraviolet beams to kill the coronavirus? Oatman, Maddie Aug 27, 2020 775
Doctor urges ultraviolet light to kill coronavirus in schools. ROB HARRIES Reporter Aug 18, 2020 340
How new inventions can fight spread of COVID-19 indoors. Jul 17, 2020 787
Here's what UV light can do to your body. Jul 6, 2020 623
Here's What UV Light Can Do To Your Body. Jul 6, 2020 623
Effects of Thermal Cycle and Ultraviolet Radiation on 3D Printed Carbon Fiber/Polyether Ether Ketone Ablator. Abdullah, Farhan; Okuyama, Kei-ichi; Morimitsu, Akito; Yamagata, Naofumi Technical report Jul 1, 2020 9680
The Effects of UV-A Light Provided in Addition to Standard Lighting on Plumage Condition in Laying Hens. Spindler, Birgit; Weseloh, Tammo; Efier, Christina; Freytag, Sarah Katharina; Klambeck, Lea; Kemper, Jun 1, 2020 8229
Ultraviolet rays may fight virus. May 27, 2020 232
Ultraviolet rays may fight virus. May 27, 2020 232
Effects of Ultraviolet Light Supplementation on Pekin Duck Production, Behavior, and Welfare. House, Gabrielle M.; Sobotik, Eric B.; Nelson, Jill R.; Archer, Gregory S. May 1, 2020 6382
Application of Ultraviolet Radiation to Control the Calcium Carbonate Scale Formation and Deposition on the Membranes. Basheer, Chanbasha; Deen, Mokhtar Noor El; Mutairi, Eid Al-; Shaikh, Amjad A.; Qureshi, Khurram Kari Apr 30, 2020 4694
Effects of B-Wave Ultraviolet Supplementation Using Light-Emitting Diodes on Caged Laying Hens during the Later Phase of the Laying Cycle. Wei, Yongxiang; Zheng, Weichao; Li, Baoming; Tong, Qin; Shi, Haipeng; Li, Xuanyang Report Jan 1, 2020 7999
Solar Ultraviolet Radiation and Breast Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Hiller, Troy W.R.; O'Sullivan, Dylan E.; Brenner, Darren R.; Peters, Cheryl E.; King, Will D. Jan 1, 2020 10335
New methods for sanitizing and pasteurizing shell eggs; A microwave system for pasteurizing table eggs and an egg sanitizing system utilizing hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light may provide options for reducing food safety risks. Terrence O'Keefe Jan 1, 2020 824
Autophagy: Multiple Mechanisms to Protect Skin from Ultraviolet Radiation-Driven Photoaging. Wang, Mei; Charareh, Pourzand; Lei, Xia; Zhong, Julia Li Dec 31, 2019 10884
Susceptibility of Bacteria Isolated from Air-Conditioning System Ducts to Different Ultraviolet Radiation Doses. Al-abdalall, Amira Hassan; Al-dakheel, Sarah Abdullah; Al-Abkari, Hmidah Abdulhadi Dec 1, 2019 2976
Enhanced UV Photo-Stabilization of Tyrosine with Benzotriazole Structure Formed Through Chemical Modification. Report Oct 31, 2019 3566
Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza is all Treats this Halloween with Black Light-Activated Large Pizza Boxes and Free Delivery Nationwide. Oct 24, 2019 763
Dark Skin No Protection Against Sun's Harmful Rays. Sep 8, 2019 358
GLOWING FLOWERS. Sep 1, 2019 137
Outlook on the Global Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Market to 2027: High Demand for Cured-in-Place Pipes with Ultraviolet Light. Aug 2, 2019 1020
Details of Locarno's Black Light Retrospective revealed. Jul 23, 2019 523
The NHS 'pink drink' that helps surgeons spot brain tumours; The drink, known as 5-ALA, uses fluorescent dye and ultraviolet light to make cancerous cells glow under UV light. May 13, 2019 358
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Apr 1, 2019 2316
Contradictory Effects of Chemical Filters in UV/ROS-Stressed Human Keratinocyte and Fibroblast Cells. Hofer, Stefanie; Stonig, Marlies; Wally, Verena; Hartmann, Anja; Fuchs, Dietmar; Hermann, Martin; Pa Report Mar 22, 2019 9210
Preparation and Performances of UV-Cured Methacrylated Polyacrylic Acid-Based Core-Shell Hybrid Phase Change Materials. Basturk, Emre; Kahraman, Memet Vezir Report Dec 1, 2018 4176
Parental Dietary [beta]-Carotene Intake in Lytechinus variegatus Affects Early Development of Offspring Exposed to UV Radiation. Taylor, J. Christopher; Williams, Michael B.; Katiyar, Santosh K.; Watts, Stephen A. Nov 1, 2018 5432
BLACK LIGHT. Clark, George David Poem Sep 22, 2018 151
A Standardized Method Based on Pigmented Epidermal Models Evaluates Sensitivity Against UV-Irradiation. Schmid, Freia F.; Groeber-Becker, Florian; Schwab, Stefanie; Thude, Sibylle; Goebeler, Matthias; Wal Report Jun 22, 2018 5272
Development an in House Validation for 5-Hydroxy-2-methyl-furfuraldehyde (HMF)Analysis in Fermented Beverages Produced from Honey, Cane Syrup and Corn Syrup by HPLC-UV. Niemes, Joao Paulo; Kolc, Christiane Schineider Machado; Torres, Yohandra Reyes; Felsner, Maria Lurd Report May 1, 2018 4862
Monitoring the Transesterification Reaction of Vegetable Oil to Biodiesel by Fluorescence Spectroscopy with UV Excitation: Correlation with Viscosity. Izida, Thais; Bussler, Larissa; da Cunha Andrade, Luis Humberto; Marcio Lima, Sandro Report Jan 15, 2018 2295
UV Radiations Assisted Advanced Oxidation Approach for the Degradation of Reactive Azo Dye, Using TiO2 Photocatalyst. Report Oct 31, 2017 3498
Decolorization and Detoxification of Acid Orange 7 by Zero-Valent Iron with UV Light. Report Oct 31, 2017 4694
Rise in skin cancers is due to increased exposure to UV radiation. Mosca, Paul J. Aug 1, 2017 153
UV Radiation Affect Structure Of DNA. Jul 6, 2017 148
Psoriasis can get you "under your skin" but it is curable. Visser, Sue Jul 1, 2017 1577
Effects of radon and UV exposure on skin cancer mortality in Switzerland. Vienneau, Danielle; de Hoogh, Kees; Hauri, Dimitri; Vicedo-Cabrera, Ana M.; Schindler, Christian; Hu Jun 1, 2017 7893
Aetiological, clinical and histopathological study of basal cell carcinomas- at Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada. Bonthu, Indira; Devi, V. Nivedita; Sundari, Ch. Syama; Bhaskar, R. Vijay; Ravi, S.S.; Kishore, J. Ch Report Mar 20, 2017 3974
UV Activation of Persulfate for Removal of Penicillin G Antibiotics in Aqueous Solution. Norzaee, Samira; Bazrafshan, Edris; Djahed, Babak; Mostafapour, Ferdos Kord; Khaksefidi, Razieh Report Jan 1, 2017 4354
HVAC UV Germicidal Irradiation UV-C Fixtures. Rodgers, Brian; Saputa, Dean Jan 1, 2017 2067
UV Radiation Induced Cross-Linking of Whey Protein Isolate-Based Films. Schmid, Markus; Prinz, Tobias Konrad; Muller, Kerstin; Haas, Andreas Jan 1, 2017 4776
Which Environmental Factor Is Correlated with Long-Term Multiple Sclerosis Incidence Trends: Ultraviolet B Radiation or Geomagnetic Disturbances? Sajedi, Seyed Aidin; Abdollahi, Fahimeh Report Jan 1, 2017 5537
Enhancement of UV Radiation by Cloud Effect in NE of Brazil. Tiba, Chigueru; Leal, Sergio da Silva Jan 1, 2017 3907
The Effect of the Application of Edible Coatings on or before Ultraviolet Treatment on Postharvested Longan Fruits. Lin, Mee Gie; Lasekan, Ola; Saari, Nazamid; Khairunniza-Bejo, Siti Report Jan 1, 2017 9787
Overexpression of PCNA Attenuates Oxidative Stress-Caused Delay of Gap-Filling during Repair of UV-Induced DNA Damage. Tsai, Yi-Chih; Wang, Yi-Hsiang; Liu, Yin-Chang Report Jan 1, 2017 5264
Rutin as a Mediator of Lipid Metabolism and Cellular Signaling Pathways Interactions in Fibroblasts Altered by UVA and UVB Radiation. Gegotek, Agnieszka; Rybaltowska-Kawalko, Paula; Skrzydlewska, Elzbieta Report Jan 1, 2017 13251
Echinacoside Alleviates UVB Irradiation-Mediated Skin Damage via Inhibition of Oxidative Stress, DNA Damage, and Apoptosis. Zhang, Di; Lu, Chengtao; Yu, Zhe; Wang, Xiayin; Yan, Li; Zhang, Juanli; Li, Hua; Wang, Jianbo; Wen, Report Jan 1, 2017 7742
PTEN Reduced UVB-Mediated Apoptosis in Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells. He, Jia; Long, Chongde; Huang, Zixin; Zhou, Xin; Kuang, Xielan; Liu, Lanying; Liu, Huijun; Tang, Yan Report Jan 1, 2017 5155
UV Photofunctionalization Effect on Bone Graft in Critical One-Wall Defect around Implant: A Pilot Study in Beagle Dogs. Kim, Min-Young; Choi, Hyunmin; Lee, Jae-Hoon; Kim, Jee-Hwan; Jung, Han-Sung; Kim, Jae-Hong; Park, Yo Report Jan 1, 2017 4650
3-Amino-1,2,4-triazole Limits the Oxidative Damage in UVA-Irradiated Dysplastic Keratinocytes. Nechifor, Marina Tamara; Dinu, Diana Report Jan 1, 2017 6027
Lycium barbarum Polysaccharides Protect Rat Corneal Epithelial Cells against Ultraviolet B-Induced Apoptosis by Attenuating the Mitochondrial Pathway and Inhibiting JNK Phosphorylation. Du, Shaobo; Han, Biao; Li, Kang; Zhang, Xuan; Sha, Xueli; Gao, Lan Report Jan 1, 2017 6617
Ultraviolet A Enhances Cathepsin L Expression and Activity via JNK Pathway in Human Dermal Fibroblasts. Xu, Qing-Fang; Zheng, Yue; Chen, Jian; Xu, Xin-Ya; Gong, Zi-Jian; Huang, Yun-Fen; Lu, Chun; Maibach, Report Dec 5, 2016 4367
Dietary Foeniculum vulgare Mill extract attenuated UVB irradiation-induced skin photoaging by activating of Nrf2 and inhibiting MAPK pathways. Sun, Zhengwang; Park, Sang Yong; Hwang, Eunson; Park, Bom; Seo, Seul A.; Cho, Jin-Gyeong; Zhang, Men Report Nov 15, 2016 5900
Comparison of efficacy and safety of ultraviolet A radiation versus ultraviolet B radiation in atopic dermatitis. Report Sep 30, 2016 3129
Effect of Storage on Physicochemical Characteristics of Some Selected Vegetable Oils. Karim, Zahida; Ikram, Farhat; Karim, Aneela; Khan, Khalid Mohammed Report Sep 1, 2016 2649
Visualizing Rayleigh scattering through UV photography. Lindfors, Anders V.; Ylianttila, Lasse Report Sep 1, 2016 1865
Improvement of amylase production by UV mutagenesis of Aspergillus flavus FSS63 under solid state fermentation. Elkhouri, Samir; Bakri, Yasser Report Jul 1, 2016 2577
Effects of Enhanced Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Chromosomes and Microtubule Arrays in Wheat Roots. Report Jun 30, 2016 2497
J&J patents sunscreen with UV radiation-absorbing polymer. Apr 1, 2016 104
UV-excitable fluorescent poly(lactic acid) fibers. Zhang, Huihui; Wang, Rong; Yang, Gesheng; Xu, Yuanyuan; Shao, Huili Report Apr 1, 2016 2766
UV degradation of clay-reinforced polypropylene nanocomposites. Salah, Hend Ben Hadj; Daly, Hachmi Ben; Denault, Johanne; Perrin, Florence Report Apr 1, 2016 6725
War on germs takes flight. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 184
Reconstruction of UVB and UVA radiation at Toravere, Estonia, for the years 1955-2003/1955.-2003. aasta UVB- ja UVA-kiirguse rekonstrueerimine Toravere andmete pohjal. Aun, Margit; Eerme, Kalju; Aun, Martin; Ansko, Ilmar Report Mar 1, 2016 5000
Inhibition of the RhoA GTPase Activity Increases Sensitivity of Melanoma Cells to UV Radiation Effects. Espinha, Gisele; Osaki, Juliana Harumi; Costa, Erico Tosoni; Forti, Fabio Luis Jan 1, 2016 9344
Assessment and calibration of non-invasive leaf chlorophyll meter for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under the effect of ultraviolet radiations. Abu-Elsaoud, Abdelghafar M.; Hassan, Heba M. Report Dec 1, 2015 6439
Role of external proline on enhancing defence mechanisms of Vicia Faba L. against ultraviolet radiation. Saleh, Amal A.H.; Abu-Elsaoud, Abdelghafar M.; Elkelish, Amr A.; Sahadad, Mohamed A.; Abdelrazek, Em Report Dec 1, 2015 8265
School students' knowledge and understanding of the global solar ultraviolet index. Wright, C.Y.; Reeder, A.I.; Albers, P.N. Report Dec 1, 2015 5300
Demographics of patients with double-headed pterygium and surgical outcomes. Duman, Fulya; Kosker, Mustafa Report Nov 1, 2015 2678
Pakistan efforts shine in protecting ozone layer: Speakers. Oct 4, 2015 348
Molecular characterization of rice (Oryza sativa) seedlings under UV, drought and salt stress. Varshikar, Deepali; Ching, Tan Fui Report Aug 1, 2015 3207
Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in Africa and the Middle East, despite year-round sunny days. Green, R.J.; Samy, G.; Miqdady, M.S.; El-Hodhod, M.; Akinyinka, O.O.; Saleh, G.; Haddad, J.; Alsaedi Report Jul 1, 2015 2213
Natural ultraviolet-B exposure of the Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum) at a North Texas wildlife refuge. Ferguson, Gary W.; Gehrmann, William H.; Brinker, Andrew M.; Kroh, Glenn C.; Ruthven, Donald C., III Report Jun 1, 2015 7951
Future Electronics Offers Vishay's VEML6070 Series of Ultraviolet Light Sensors. May 7, 2015 424
UVA and cutaneous melanoma incidences: spatial patterns and communities at risk. Kavouras, Ilias; Gomez, Tina; Chalbot, Marie-Cecile; Boozman, Fay W. Cover story May 1, 2015 3298
Evaluation of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation in reducing the airborne cultural bacteria concentrations in an elementary school in the Midwestern United States. Su, Chunxiao; Lau, Josephine; Gibbs, Shawn G. Report May 1, 2015 3923
UVA and cutaneous melanoma incidences: Spatial patterns and communities at risk. Apr 22, 2015 524
Superfast 3-D printer constructs objects from goop: new process creates items by manipulating oxygen, UV light. Mole, Beth Apr 18, 2015 616
Essilor launches UV awareness campaign. McCormick, Emily Brief article Apr 4, 2015 265
The effects of ultraviolet light and Riboflavin on inactivation of viruses and the quality of platelet concentrates at laboratory scale. Mirshafiee, Hamideh; Sharifi, Zohreh; Hosseini, Syed Masoud; Yari, Fatemeh; Nikbakht, Hamed; Latifi, Report Apr 1, 2015 5532
Additives in UV-activated urethane acrylate polymerization composite coatings/Lisandid UV-kiirgusega polumerisatsiooni kaigus tekitatud komposiitkatetes. Grigale-Sorocina, Zane; Kalnins, Martins; Simanovska, Jana; Vindedze, Elina; Birks, Ingmars; Brazdau Report Mar 1, 2015 3539
Indoor tanning legislation: shaping policy and nursing practice. Driscoll, Donna W.; Darcy, Jennifer Report Mar 1, 2015 3671
Ozone in dentistry. Eregowda, Neena Indavara; Poornima, P. Report Jan 1, 2015 2813
Technology improves housekeeping practices: keeping a long-term facility clean takes more than elbow grease. Schwartz-Cassell, Tobi Jan 1, 2015 1109
Enhancement of the UV photoluminescence of ZnO and MgZnO films via annealing. Thapa, Dinesh; Huso, Jesse; Che, Hui; Bergman, Leah Author abstract Dec 1, 2014 214
A specific HPLC-UV and fluorescence method for the detection of three anti-depressant drugs in various water systems. Sharma, Gaurav "G"; Bigelow, James C. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 222
USHIO America Introduces Indiglow[TM] LED Black Light Fixture. Nov 19, 2014 234
Campaign focuses on dangers of UV. Brief article Oct 3, 2014 259
Application of ultraviolet and ultrasound irradiation for the degradation of pyridine in wastewater: a comparative study. Elsayed, Mohamed A. Report Oct 1, 2014 4806
Sunbathing may boost endorphins in the body and brain: mice produce feel-good molecule in response to regular exposure to ultraviolet light. Sanders, Laura Jul 26, 2014 570
South America records Mars-like levels of UV radiation. Jul 11, 2014 121
Effect of Elevated UV-B Radiation on the Antioxidant System of Two Rice Landraces in Paddy Fields on Yuanyang Terrace. Yongmei He; Fangdong Zhan; Yanqun Zu; Chang Liu; Yuan Li Report Jun 30, 2014 4483
Ultraviolet vision may enhance the ability of reindeer to discriminate plants in snow. Tyler, N.J.C.; Jeffery, G.; Hogg, C.R.; Stokkan, K.-A. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 5363
Characterization and gas permeation properties of UV-cured fluorine-containing telechelic polyimide membranes with a crosslinker. Shindo, Ryohei; Amanuma, Satoshi; Kojima, Kenta; Sato, Shuichi; Kanehashi, Shinji; Nagai, Kazukiyo Report May 1, 2014 6025
Different Uv radiation-induced changes in antioxidant defense system in okra. Kargar-Khorrami, Soroush; Jamei, Rashid; Hosseini-Sarghen, Siavash; Asadi-Samani, Majid Report May 1, 2014 5349
Epidemiologic and pathologic characteristics of basal cell carcinoma in northern Taiwan: Experience from a medical center. Yeh, Yu-Wen; Chen, Sheng-Yi; Wu, Bai-Yao; Gao, Hong-Wei; Liu, Chun-Yuan; Chien, Wu-Chien; Chiang, Ch Report May 1, 2014 3141
Exoplanet oxygen may not signal life: water and ultraviolet light could create the gas. Crockett, Christopher Apr 19, 2014 593
Sunscreens: some practical issues. Shehzad, Atif; Khan, Sohrab; Hussain, Ijaz Mar 31, 2014 1421
Photodegradation of trace trichloronitromethane in water under UV irradiation. Deng, Lin; Wu, Zhiren; Yang, Caiqian; Wang, Yung-Li Report Jan 1, 2014 4757
Simultaneous determination of florfenicol and diclazuril in compound powder by RP-HPLC-UV method. Guo, Leilei; Tian, Xiangqin; Shan, Shangran; Han, Jian; Shang, Xiaojun; Ma, Suying Report Jan 1, 2014 3010
Treatment of sulfonated azo dye Reactive Red 198 by UV/[H.sub.2][O.sub.2]. Ribeiro, Jefferson P.; Oliveira, Juliene T.; Oliveira, Andre G.; Sousa, Francisco W.; Neto, Eliezer Report Jan 1, 2014 6694
Oxidative damage to nucleic acids and benzo(a)pyrene-7,8-diol-9,10-epoxide-DNA adducts and chromosomal aberration in children with psoriasis repeatedly exposed to crude coal tar ointment and UV radiation. Borska, Lenka; Andrys, Ctirad; Krejsek, Jan; Palicka, Vladimir; Chmelarova, Marcela; Hamakova, Kveto Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 6975
Gardenia jasminoides extract attenuates the UVB-induced expressions of cytokines in keratinocytes and indirectly inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-1 expression in human dermal fibroblasts. Park, Jiaa; Seok, Jin Kyung; Suh, Hwa-Jin; Boo, Yong Chool Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 4612
Decolorization of methylene blue by Ag/SrSn[O.sub.3] composites under ultraviolet radiation. Junploy, Patcharanan; Thongtem, Titipun; Thongtem, Somchai; Phuruangrat, Anukorn Jan 1, 2014 4131
Effect of UV irradiation and temperature on free radical properties in dehydrocholic and ursodeoxycholic acids: an EPR study. Dolowy, Malgorzata; Ramos, Pawel; Pilawa, Barbara Report Jan 1, 2014 4457
Aerosol modulation of ultraviolet radiation dose over four metro cities in India. Panicker, A.S.; Pandithurai, G.; Beig, G.; Kim, Dongchul; Lee, Dong-In Report Jan 1, 2014 3913
Vacuum ultraviolet field emission lamp consisting of neodymium ion doped lutetium fluoride thin film as phosphor. Yanagihara, Masahiro; Tsuji, Takayuki; Yusop, Mohd Zamri; Tanemura, Masaki; Ono, Shingo; Nagami, Tom Report Jan 1, 2014 3002
Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue under UV light irradiation on prepared carbonaceous Ti[O.sub.2]. Ramli, Zatil Amali Che; Asim, Nilofar; Isahak, Wan N.R.W.; Emdadi, Zeynab; Ahmad-Ludin, Norasikin; Y Report Jan 1, 2014 4762
A Study on ultraviolet protection of 100% cotton knitted fabric: effect of fabric parameters. Kan, C.W. Report Jan 1, 2014 8328
Effect of elevated C[O.sub.2], [O.sub.3], and UV radiation on soils. Formanek, Pavel; Rejsek, Klement; Vranova, Valerie Report Jan 1, 2014 6421
Formation of arbitrary patterns in ultraviolet cured polymer film via electrohydrodynamic patterning. Li, Xin; Ding, Yucheng; Shao, Jinyou; Tian, Hongmiao; Liu, Hongzhong Report Jan 1, 2014 3659
UV-C radiation as a factor reducing microbiological contamination of fish meal. Skowron, Krzysztof; Bauza-Kaszewska, Justyna; Dobrzanski, Zbigniew; Paluszak, Zbigniew; Skowron, Kar Report Jan 1, 2014 6556
Analysis of photosynthetic characteristics and UV-B absorbing compounds in mung bean using UV-B and red LED radiation. Li, Fang-Min; Lu, Zhi-Guo; Yue, Ming Report Jan 1, 2014 3479
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in hospital HVAC decreases ventilator associated pneumonia. Leach, Timothy; Scheir, Robert Report Jan 1, 2014 4010
The use of multiarm star-like polymers in the Preparation of epoxy thermosets by UV-cationic photopolymerization. Effect of the arms of the star in the curing process and in the final properties and morphology. Foix, D.; Morell, M.; Serra, A.; Sangermanol, M. Report Jan 1, 2014 4482
Make this mini UV light and see secret messages. Nov 1, 2013 590
Photoaging. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 200
Updates for responsible sun exposure behavior and photoprotection in the South. Diaz, James H.; Nesbitt, Lee T., Jr. Report Sep 1, 2013 3529
UV-treated mushrooms pop with vitamin D. Sep 1, 2013 479
Adhesion performance and surface characteristics of low surface energy PSAs fluorinated by UV polymerization. Bae, Kyung-Yul; Lim, Dong-Hyuk; Park, Ji-Won; Kim, Hyun-Joong; Jeong, Han-Mo; Takemura, Akio Report Sep 1, 2013 5748
Screening fresh oranges with UV: study pinpoints new value of detection tactic. Wood, Marcia Aug 1, 2013 588
UV focus for Jul-eye. McCormick, Emily Brief article Jul 12, 2013 246
Mechanistic insights in the use of a Polypodium leucotomos extract as an oral and topical photoprotective agent. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 177
Polypodium leucotomos decreases UV-induced epidermal cell proliferation and enhances P53 expression and plasma antioxidant capacity in hairless mice. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 152
Patterns and timing of sunlight exposure and risk of basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin--a case-control study. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 286
Oral Polypodium leucotomos extract photoprotective activity in 57 patients with idiopathic photodermatoses. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 181
Polypodium leucotomos extract inhibits glutathione oxidation and prevents Langerhans cell depletion induced by UVB/UVA radiation in a hairless rat model. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 102
Protective effects of a red orange extract on UVB-induced damage in human keratinocytes. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 189
Investigation of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) in Benue State University, Makurdi, Benue State. Akaagerger, N.B.; Ujah, F.O.; Aligba, E.H. Report Jun 30, 2013 1900
Melasma in the people of Sub-Himalayan region of Eastern India. Halder, Saswati; Halder, Atin; Nag, Subhas Ch.; Sarkar, Prodip; Sarkar, Rajesh Report Jun 30, 2013 1601
Ultraviolet radiation and the eye: what the eye care practitioner needs to know. Sheppard, Amy Jun 28, 2013 3766
Indoor tan bans. Hanson, Karmen Brief article Jun 1, 2013 287
Modeling of ultrasound-ultraviolet light chambers in series for treatment of E. coli-contaminated water. Poudel, Sachitra; Chen, Yu; Sato, Chikashi Report Jun 1, 2013 191
Modeling of ultrasound-ultraviolet light chambers in series for treatment of TCE-contaminated water. Adhikari, Devi Lal; Chen, Yu; Sato, Chikashi Author abstract Jun 1, 2013 193
Monitoring of sun's Uv radiation and stratospheric ozone layer thickness over the region of Novi Sad (Serbia). Mijatovic, Zoran; Kobilarov, R.; Vujicic, B.T.; Mihailovic, D.T. Apr 1, 2013 2410
Supply of (a) a cutting & ironing tool by means of ultraviolet rays, also (b) a babies incubator & an artificial breathing instrument. Mar 11, 2013 140
Improved coating performance on wood treated with carbon-based preservatives and an ultraviolet/visible light protective precoat. Stirling, Rod; Morris, Paul I. Abstract Mar 1, 2013 4388
Photostabilizing efficiency of ultraviolet light stabilizers for rigid poly(vinyl chloride) against photo-oxidation. Zhang, Xiaofei; Pi, Hong; Guo, Shaoyun Report Feb 1, 2013 5567
Ultraviolet light sanitizes steel kegs. Adams, Andrew Jan 1, 2013 276
UV-C light blasts 'bad bugs' in hospital rooms. Brunk, Doug Jan 1, 2013 395
Study of the degradation of typical HVAC materials, filters, and components irradiated by UVC energy--Part III: manufactured components. Kauffman, Robert E.; Wolf, J. Douglas Report Jan 1, 2013 7129
New UV-cutoff film achieves world's highest level of protection from ultraviolet light. Jan 1, 2013 246
What's up, sunshine? UV rays and U. Rosen, Emelene Jan 1, 2013 775
Fun facts. Jan 1, 2013 105
Ultraviolet radiation and skin aging: roles of reactive oxygen species, inflammation and protease activation, and strategies for prevention of inflammation-induced matrix degradation - a review. Jan 1, 2013 325
Recent advances in characterizing biological mechanisms underlying UV-induced wrinkles: a pivotal role of fibrobrast-derived elastase. Jan 1, 2013 385
Mechanism of UVB-induced wrinkling of the skin: paracrine cytokine linkage between keratinocytes and fibroblasts leading to the stimulation of elastase. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 206
Intensification of azo dye removal rate in the presence of immobilized Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles and inorganic anions under UV-C irradiation: optimization by response surface methodology. Behnajady, Mohammad A.; Hajiahmadi, Mahsa Report Jan 1, 2013 6276
Supported zinc oxide photocatalyst for decolorization and mineralization of Orange G dye wastewater under UV365 irradiation. Chang, Ming-Chin; Shu, Hung-Yee; Tseng, Tien-Hsin; Hsu, Hsin-Wen Report Jan 1, 2013 5657
Fouling removal of UF membrane with coated Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles under UV irradiation for effluent recovery during TFT-LCD manufacturing. You, S.H.; Wu, C.T. Report Jan 1, 2013 3719
Au-Ti[O.sub.2] nanocomposites and efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production under UV-visible and visible light illuminations: a comparison of different crystalline forms of Ti[O.sub.2]. Jose, Deepa; Sorensen, Christopher M.; Rayalu, Sadhana S.; Shrestha, Khadga M.; Klabunde, Kenneth J. Report Jan 1, 2013 6290
Photocatalytic oxidation of gaseous benzene under 185 nm UV irradiation. Huang, Haibao; Ye, Xinguo; Huang, Huiling; Hu, Peng; Zhang, Lu; Leung, Dennis Y.C. Report Jan 1, 2013 3580
Effect of UV irradiation on interactions of [alpha]-lipoic acid with free radicals. Ramos, Pawel; Peplinski, Piotr; Pilawa, Barbara Report Jan 1, 2013 3362
Photodegradation of Rhodamine B using the microwave/UV/[H.sub.2][O.sub.2]: effect of temperature. Ferrari, Carlo; Chen, H.; Lavezza, R.; Santinelli, C.; Longo, I.; Bramanti, E. Report Jan 1, 2013 8277
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