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Ultrasound transducer cleaning system.

CIVCO has introduced a 3D/4D funnel to accompany the standard, smaller flannel that is sold with its endocavity soaking system. The newly designed funnel is contoured to prevent transducers from hitting the bottom of the cup, preventing costly damage to the lens. The 2.7 cm wide funnel is colored blue for easy identification. The soaking cup holds up to 120 fluid ounces of disinfecting liquid and will accommodate two endocavity transducers measuring up to 22.9 cm in length. A lid is provided to prevent unpleasant fumes and evaporation of disinfectant or sterilizing solutions when the system is not in use. The soaking system also includes a PVC wall mount and mounting hardware. The wall mount can be mounted on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The mounting hardware will work with most masonry, dry wall and fiat surfaces. CIVCO Medical Solutions, 102 First St. South, Kalona, IA 52247., 800-445-6741

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Title Annotation:NEW PRODUCTS
Publication:Surgical Products
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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