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Ultrasonic measuring system helps keep buildings oil right.

U.S. Energy Group recently released The Verifier Gauge, an advanced ultrasonic measurement system which enables apartment and commercial building owners and managers to verify the amount of oil they receive, as well as control their inventory and budget.

The number of new installations has far exceeded all expectations, as building owners and managers are quick to recognize the product as a cost-effective way to audit their oil purchases and evaluate their daily usage--essentially, making sure they receive the oil they have paid for and are utilizing it efficiently.

Leading oil companies have also endorsed The Verifier, as an additional check on their own control systems and as a tool for promoting a more trustful relationship with their customers.

The Verifier confirms an oil delivery within 1/10th of an inch, recording the exact date, time and amount of oil delivered to the tank. It monitors the incremental use of oil, providing daily summaries, use detail reports, and oil temperatures.

The Verifier also provides alerts for low oil levels, short-cycling conditions and costly leaks. With local and remote access to all of this information, building managers can conserve their oil use and save money. The Verifier is also an accurate and efficient way for building managers to follow certain inventory control regulations and avoid stiff fines. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has recommended "in-tank monitoring systems," like The Verifier, stating that "electronic systems which automatically measure tank inventories and continuously record changes supply all of the information needed to perform daily reconciliations."

These inventory records are also encouraged by major oil companies and the American Petroleum Institute.

"I come at the market from my own experience as an owner of apartment buildings," said Jerry Pindus, CEO of U.S. Energy Group, "and I know how important it is to verify truck deliveries and track oil usage. The old system of measuring oil deliveries and inventory usually involves the hassle of climbing onto the tank and 'sticking it' with a ruler. Tank-size charts are mostly wrong and sometimes it's impossible to even get access to the tank. The old, standard air-pump devices are inherently inaccurate because they were designed when oil was cheap--#6 oil was $.06 a gallon back in 1966--and so a delivery shortage was not such a big deal. However, given the price of oil today, we owners need a system that's precise.

"With The Verifier, building managers finally have a proof-positive, precisely accurate and independent way to audit their oil." Oil companies are also enthusiastically embracing The Verifier. While there are reports of "short-deliveries" and meter problems in the industry, including the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) condemning 8% of the meters in their annual test of 1,000 oil trucks (October 11, 2006), the responsible oil companies really want their customers to verify--double-check--that their deliveries are always accurate.

"Our company has a very strong system of quantity and quality control in place," explained Craig Rosenman of Stuyvesant Fuel Service Corp. "The Verifier provides an additional check for us and ensures our customer's confidence and satisfaction."

The Verifier Fuel Gauge is now available nationally for immediate purchase from U.S. Energy Group and installations can be scheduled by contacting Warren Zaretsky at 718-380-1004. Additional information is available at:
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Date:Feb 14, 2007
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