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Ultramar Kite-Refit Coating Makes Kites and Spinnakers as Good as New Again.

OOSTERHOUT, The Netherlands, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

New: Ultramar Kite-Refit Coating gives old kites a second life.

New from Ultramar

Ultramar Kite-Refit Coating is a specially developed coating for kites and gives kites a second life. After treatment with the coating, the kite will snap and crackle like it used to, be clean and perfectly water-repellent. The kite is more airtight, keeps its shape, and is lighter and dryer.

Why Kite-Refit Coating?

Over time, a kite's original coating will suffer wear and tear. As a result of flapping, folding, UV-radiation, salt water, etc. the sail will become fragile, lose its shape and retain more and more water. It will also become more prone to mould and dirt.

Also suitable for new kites

In addition, Ultramar's Kite-Refit is excellent protection for new kites. The kite will be better protected against UV-radiation, dirty water, salt crystals, wear and tear, and mould. It even makes new kites more water-repellent.

Easy to treat yourself

Ultramar Kite-Refit Coating is available in a 400 ml aerosol spray. This is sufficient for coating almost 10 m2. The retail price is[euro] 24.50. Since both sides of the kite require coating, the average cost will amount to[euro] 5.00 per square meter per kite.

Prefer to have Ultramar coat the kite instead?

You can also have your kite coated by the Ultramar experts. Through the Kite-Refit Service, the kite will be cleaned by Ultramar and provided with a fresh coating. Subsequently, the kite will be shipped back to you via DHL. Treatment via the Ultramar Kite-Refit Service will take approximately 1 week (transportation not included).
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Date:Jun 11, 2012
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