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Ultra-Lightweight PET Refill Containers Developed for E-Commerce Channels.

Dromo is a new PET bottle system designed specifically for liquid or semi-viscous products sold through e-commerce channels. It is being launched by PTI, Holland, Ohio, for household chemicals, personal-care products, and many others. The bottle refills are designed to be inserted into a rigid, reusable dispenser, of which PTI has engineered several types to address different brand preferences. Dromo bottles can be up to 75% lighter than free-standing PET bottles designed for the retail shelf. The 16-oz PET refill weighs less than 10 g but has passed burst tests of up to 173 psi and drop tests on both base and sides of 6 ft. Opposing flat side panels provide sidewall strength and facilitate stacking prior to shrink wrapping into optional double packs. Bottles can be sealed with a standard threaded closure or a foil seal. They can be made of virgin or up to 100% recycled PET.

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Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Nov 1, 2018
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