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Ultimate hosts Make-A-Wish Classic.

Byline: Submitted by Terri Chaseley

The 19th annual Make-A-Wish Classic, hosted by Ultimate Gymnastics of Gurnee, was held Nov. 30 through Dec. 2.

Proceeds from this event are donated to Make-A-Wish Illinois, which uses the funds to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

In 2014, Ultimate Gymnastics was honored by Make-A-Wish Illinois for being the largest outside fundraiser in the state.

Over the past 19 years, Ultimate Gymnastics has raised almost $950,000 and has granted over 90 wishes.

This year's event saw more than 1,000 gymnasts and is expected to raise an additional $50,000 for Make-A-Wish Illinois, funding wishes for 10 children.

The spirit of this meet and the courage and determination of the Make-A-Wish recipients always generates excitement in the Ultimate athletes and translated into some outstanding performances.

Ultimate's Level 8 gymnasts set the bar high, with Peri Arkin capturing a first place for vault and Alyse Lichtenstein standing on top of the podium with a first place in the all around. Individual placements for Level 8s are:

L8 Junior

* Peri Arkin: vault (1st); bars (3rd); floor (4th); all-around (3rd)

L8 Seniors

* Lindsey Fontana: vault (1st); beam (3rd); floor (8th)

* Alyse Lichtenstein: vault (6th); bars (4th); beam (2nd); floor (2nd); all-around (1st)

Ultimate's Level 7's were in it to win it and took home a second-place team banner. Evy Haggerty hurled into first place on vault, Emily Morrision topped the podium on bars and Maya Roiland flipped into first place on floor. Individual placements for Level 7s are:

L7 Child

* Alyssah Arends: bars (8th); beam (5th); floor (9th)

* Gaby Carvajal: beam (2nd); floor (9th)

* Lyla Drowne: vault (9th)

* Ava Fendel: vault (3rd); beam (6th); floor (4th)

* Ellie Haas: floor (8th)

* Livy Tran: beam (9th)

* Nora Werner: floor (7th) all-around (7th)

L7 Juniors

* Ellie Butler: vault (7th)

* Jose Gates: beam (8th); floor (9th)

* Evy Haggerty: vault (1st); beam (7th); all-around (9th)

* Hailey Krueger: vault (10th)

* Kenzie Liebau: bars (9th); floor (8th)

* Emily Morrison: bars (1st); beam (6th); all-around (5th)

* Christina Raquel: beam (2nd); floor (4th); all-around (6th)

L7 Seniors

* Emily Chabraja: vault (9th); bars (7th); all-around (3rd)

* Amanda Hamann: bars (10th); beam (10th); floor (2nd); all-around (7th)

* Maya Roiland: vault (6th); beam (1st); floor (10th)

* Lauren Schneider: floor (7th); all-around (10th)

* Kelly Sheridan: beam (3rd); floor (5th)

* Becca Tran: vault (2nd); bars (3rd); floor (3rd); all-around (4th)

Ultimate's Level 6 gymnast Hailey Hamman hurled into a first-place vault finish and Maya Roiland finished strong with a second place in the Senior division all-around. Individual placements are:

L6 Child

* Hailey Hamann: vault (1st); bars (7th)

* Ava Pasquesi: vault (7th)

L6 Junior

* Olivia Auriol: vault (6th)

* Olivia Stoltzer: floor (8th)

L6 Senior

* Reese Berke: floor (5th)

* Maya Roiland: vault (3rd); bars (5th); beam (2nd); floor (2nd); all-around (2nd)

* Lauren Schneider: vault (7th)

* Becca Tran: vault (4th); bars (2nd); floor (4th); all-around (3rd)

* Georgie Walsh: bars (4th); beam (5th); floor (1st); all-around (4th)

* Ultimate's Level 4 team brought their "A-Game" to Make-A-Wish, with a fourth-place team finish and 16 athletes in the top 10 for individual events. Lila Isaacs was the gold medalist on floor and came in third All Around in the Senior B division. Individual placements for Level 4 are:

Junior A

* Skye Chaseley: vault (5th), bars (8th); floor (9th)

* Addison Cramer: vault (10th)

* Lydia Fakhoury: beam (10)

* Caitlin Lanners: vault (8th); bars (4th); all-around (8th)

* Abby Leverenz: beam (4th); floor (2nd); all-around (4th)

* Halie Stubbliefield: vault (7th); bars (9th); beam (6th); all-around (5th)

* Annika Van Biesen: vault (6th); beam (8th); all-around (9th)

* Emma Watts: vault (3rd); floor (7th), all-around (7th)

Junior B

* Leah Arceo: vault (10th); bars (10th); beam (10th); floor (9th); all-around (9th)

* Karina Gamalski: bars (9th); floor (9th)

* Sienna Szechinski: vault (8th); beam (9th)

Senior A

* Geneva Carlson: beam (2nd); floor (5th); all-around (6th)

* Cameryn Jensen: bars (4th); beam (10th); floor (8th); all-around (8th)

* Aubrey Koch: bars (7th)

* Olivia Meadow: beam (5th)

Senior B

* Lila Isaacs: vault (6th); beam (8th); floor (1st); all-around (3rd)
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