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Ultimate Classic Yachts.

Ultimate Classic Yachts

Author: Nic Compton

Publisher: Bloomsbury

160 page hardback

Price: $60.00


Yachting journalist Nic Compton has been sailing and writing about restored, classic yachts all around the world since the beginning of the 90s. In Ultimate Classic Yachts he halls 20 of the most beautiful, classic yachts that have undergone restorations true to their origins and are sailing the high seas today.

Restoration of classic vessels has recently taken on new life, with many people more Interested In restoring these beauties to their "original fabric" than they used to once be. Compton tours us through his selection of the best restorations from Partridge (1885) to Savannah (1997) and Eleonora (2000). "I'd rather see a boat that carries the scars of its past with pride than a boat rebuilt 'in the spirit' of the past but which is essentially new," says Compton, and this book is all about that process.

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Title Annotation:OFF THE SHELF
Publication:Offshore Yachting
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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