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Ulster Man of The People: Only the real dopes believe that cannabis could kill you.


CAMPAIGNERS claim to have scored a major victory with this week's reclassification of dope.


These new rules just mean that cops will be able to stop people they spot smoking a spliff.

The police can have a sniff at the quality of the gear, decide to keep it and tell the bleary-eyed culprit to move on.

"We'll say no more about it," the law will say.


Umm... isn't that what out-of-pocket dopeheads have been gurning about coppers doing for years?

Anyway, laws will be more effective when they make more sense.

It's a nonsense to have police chasing around after minuscule extracts of a plant that's less dangerous, and more fun, than a pretzel.

Yes, it is bad for you.

But when did you ever hear of someone in hospital after taking an overdose of dope?

When did you ever hear of someone robbing their granny to get a fix of hash?

You didn't, because it doesn't happen.

Cannabis, weed, pot, grass - or whatever you call it - doesn't kill people.

People who are set against it are clutching at straws to come up with arguments.

They're left flogging weak arguments about dope being a gateway drug which leads directly to heroin addiction.

If, in truth, it was anything close, there'd be hard drug abusers on virtually every street in every town in Northern Ireland.

Still, it was great to get a few words over all this from Northern Ireland's, Drugs Tsar Jo Daykin.

I'd forgotten we had one.

It's her job to co-ordinate the NIO's policy on drugs.

She said our youth could now be led to believe that dope was harmless.

Patronising youngsters isn't perhaps the best way to get through to them.

Still, it was nice to hear from her.

Anyway, did you know that cops are now convinced rioters are taking loads of it while throwing rocks at them?

Aye, when police catch them they can't even remember their names or where they live. Peace, brothers.DEEP BREATH: Dope doesn't kill you
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2002
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