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Ulrick & Short Delytes food producers.

Leading UK manufacturer and supplier of functional clean label ingredients, Ulrick & Short, is offering the ready meals industry enormous savings by replacing butter with its exclusive clean label fat replacer, Delyte7

This unique fat replacer is a nonfat butter and oil replacement and has been designed specifically for savoury sauces such as carbonara and bechamel, cleverly allowing food manufacturers to use more healthy ingredients that do not need to be declared.

In fact, Delyte7 can be identified as tapioca starch and has already helped many food processors partially remove butter in ready meal sauces to give healthier nutritional profiles and cost reductions.

Delyte7 also has improved process tolerance which is achieved through increased water binding. This also reduces waste through improved overall moistness and longer shelf life of savoury products.

Traditionally, there have been difficulties in matching the multifunctional characteristics of fat with substitutions. However, Ulrick & Short carried out exhaustive product trials developing Delyte7 to mimic fat over multiple cooking cycles and to be freeze-flash-thaw stable, whilst achieving creamier textures.

With its trusted kitchen cupboard declaration, Delyte7 is the ideal easy to use fat replacement for a wide range of sauces. Available in powder form, Delyte7 is added to other dry recipe ingredients before being 'cooked up' to achieve a superior creamy mouth-feel, buttery texture and clarity without masking any flavours.

Ulrick & Short's commitment to investing in research and new product development makes the company the ideal one-stop shop for food manufacturers and food processors wanting to reduce or replace fat without compromising on quality, taste or texture.

Other clean label ingredients in the company's Delyte range are used to replace butter and oils in cakes and bakery fillings, which allow food manufacturers to remove some butter content from products and still use the label 'all butter', which highlights to consumers that the food is still an indulgent product - a huge benefit to the retailer.

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Date:Jun 1, 2010
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