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Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.5 Available With New Technology, Increased Usability; New Version of Professional Non-Linear Editor Now Includes DVD Authoring and Instant Preview.

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TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 27, 2001

Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video editing, image editing and Web graphics software, today announced the release of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.5, a new version of their professional video editing software.

MediaStudio Pro 6.5 boasts many improvements especially in two keys areas -- new technologies and increased usability. New technological advances for the non-linear video editor include DVD authoring, variable bit-rate (VBR) MPEG-2 encoding and limitless DV capture. Instant Playback, Storyboard Layout and Automatic A/B Roll Layout are some of the new usability features.

"Ulead is committed to remaining a key player in the professional field of non-linear video editing," said Lewis Liaw, senior vice president at Ulead Systems, Inc. "Technological innovation and enhanced usability will keep MediaStudio in the premier spot for this video market."

MediaStudio Pro 6.5 now includes DVD authoring that gives users the ability to output video to VCD, SVCD and DVD. By incorporating DVD features in MediaStudio Pro, Ulead is again leading the professional video editing category in technology. Using a 5-step wizard-style workflow and customizable templates, users can create VCD, SVCD and DVD titles with scene menus, navigation buttons and video introductions. MediaStudio Pro 6.5 also creates a Project Database to store user projects for editing or to be used at a later date. This software add-on even allows for direct burning to CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R (a) hardware.

Other technological advances in MediaStudio Pro 6.5 are variable bit-rate (VBR) MPEG-2 encoding, limitless DV capture and DV scene detection. VBR encoding varies the bit rate depending on the amount of information needed to support the image being presented. VBR encoding results in a better picture quality as well as smaller files sizes. Limitless Capture allows users to capture a continuous DV video stream beyond 4 GB in size - even when using the FAT32 file system (present in many Windows operating systems) which inflicts a 4 GB capture ceiling.

MediaStudio Pro 6.5 creates multiple files that remain stitched as one unit to work around this limitation. Scene Detection by separating the video into scenes according to when the camera had originally been turned on and off has also been added to MediaStudio Pro 6.5 to make video capture an easy and automated process.

MediaStudio Pro 6.5 has many new features to increase usability in addition to all the new technologies. Instant Playback will play a preview of a project in real-time without spending time to render preview files. This allows users to immediately see their editing progress and decreases downtime when creating video projects.

Other usability enhancements to MediaStudio Pro 6.5 include Storyboard Layout and Automatic A/B Roll Layout. Within the Production Library, users can quickly and easily arrange the sequence of their clips using a storyboard layout before dropping them into the timeline. Automatic A/B Roll allows users to drop these multiple files into the timeline in A/B Roll format, making it possible to lay down quick foundation work that is ready for transition insertion and prepared for fine-tune editing.

Pricing and Availability

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.5 will be available in retail and online stores in September 2001. The estimated street price for MediaStudio Pro 6.5 is $495. MediaStudio 6.5 Director's Cut will also be available for $199 (or $189 download from This version contains a subset of the MediaStudio Pro 6.5 suite of programs and includes video capture, video editing and audio editing. Upgrade pricing for MediaStudio Pro 6.5 is as follows:

MediaStudio Pro 6.0 to MediaStudio Pro 6.5: $99

VideoStudio to MediaStudio 6.5 Director's Cut: $129

MediaStudio 6.5 Director's Cut to MediaStudio Pro 6.5: $199

VideoStudio to MediaStudio Pro 6.5: $299

About Ulead Systems

Ulead Systems, Inc. develops innovative video, imaging and Web graphics applications to help users communicate their ideas effectively and creatively to audiences around the world. The company's award-winning products include Ulead(R) PhotoImpact(R), Ulead(R) VideoStudio(R), Ulead(R) MediaStudio(R) Pro, Ulead(R) Photo Express(TM), Ulead(R) COOL 3D(TM), Ulead(R) GIF Animator(TM), Ulead(R) Photo Explorer(TM), Ulead(R) GIF-X.Plugin(TM), and Ulead(R) COOL 360(TM). Ulead also supports the burgeoning Web graphics community with a cutting-edge line of WebUtilities software products that focus specifically on Web graphics and animation design. For more information on the company, its products and services, please visit Ulead's Web site at or call 800-85-ULEAD (800-858-5323).

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Date:Aug 27, 2001
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