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Ukraine Renews Rejection of Foreign Interference in Syria.

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ The Charge d'Affaires at the Ukrainian Embassy in Damascus, Yevhen Zhupeyev reiterated his country's 'clear and balanced' stance on the crisis in Syria, stressing that ''the solution should be exclusively in the Syrians' hands through political means without foreign interference.'' In statements to SANA, Zhupeyev said that ''the Syrian government and army can handle the situation on their own,'' indicating that his country considers that any form of interference will only prolong the crisis.

He saw that the events in Syria are a domestic affair, ''that's why official or non-official foreign interference should be ruled out,'' indicating that Ukraine highly appreciates the Russia-US initiative on organizing an international conference for solving the crisis in Syria.

Zhupeyev said that Ukraine had not joined the countries that voted in favor of the UN resolutions on Syria, choosing instead to abstain from voting on the resolutions that might hinder a political solution.

Answering a question on political sides exerting pressure on Ukraine to take sides on the crisis in Syria, Zhupeyev said that Ukraine is an independent state that would not accept meddling in its policies.

He added that several Ukrainian media outlets are covering the crisis in Syria, indicating that ''the Ukrainian journalists received all necessary facilitations from the Syrian government in a short time,'' and could move across Syria with the assistance of the Syrian government and army.

Zhupeyev hoped that a political solution will be reached soon and that the international community will not repeat the same mistakes as before.

He denied media reports about Ukrainian citizens involved in the events in Syria, describing them as ''provocative and baseless, and seek to tarnish Ukraine's image and drag it into the events in Syria.'' Zhupeyev added that according to the Ukrainian government's information, no Ukrainian citizen is involved in the Syrian events.

YouTube had previously broadcast a videotape for a purportedly Ukrainian person saying that a group of people from Ukraine, Moldavia and Belarus want to come to Syria to fight alongside the government forces.



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Publication:Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
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Date:Jun 1, 2013
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