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Ukraine Drops Poultry Anti-Dumping Case.

October 11 2010 --The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) has welcomed the decision by the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy to drop an anti-dumping investigation against US chicken.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Economy has accepted a request from the Ukrainian poultry industry to withdraw its dumping petition against the US chicken industry. The ministry approved a request by Mironovskiy Hilboproduct (MHP) -- a major chicken producer in Ukraine and the main petitioner of the dumping allegation -- to rescind the Ukrainian industry's dumping petition. The ministry had notified the US Embassy in Kiev in September that it had accepted MHP's request.

In early 2009, MHP filed the dumping petition, alleging that the Ukrainian industry had suffered economic injury from imports of U.S. chicken. Based on the petition, the Ministry of Economy launched an anti-dumping investigation against the U.S. chicken industry. The Brazilian chicken industry was also included in the investigation.

A spokesman for the USAPEEC told Feedinfo News Service: "The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) applauds the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy's decision to accept the request from MHP and the other petitioners to drop the anti-dumping investigation against U.S. chicken. It is obvious that the ministry listened to the facts presented in the case and gave them careful consideration in accordance with World Trade Organization anti-dumping rules."

"On behalf of the U.S. industry, USAPEEC and its legal team argued that the Ukrainian petitioners did not prove that U.S. chicken imports constituted dumping or material injury to the industry in accordance with the WTO's definitions."

"In its petition, the Ukrainian industry argued that U.S. and Brazilian imports caused a glut of chicken on the market, which drove down prices. USAPEEC argued that imports of U.S. chicken parts into Ukraine do not compete directly with fresh domestic product, and that rendering a decision in favor of the Ukrainian industry would have a negative impact on local consumers by increasing chicken prices."

"The decision by the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy in favor of the U.S. and Brazil should send a strong signal to other countries that pursuing an anti-dumping case against a supplying country may not be the best approach to take to address their concerns. USAPEEC also lauded the work of Volkov Koziakov and Partners, its Ukrainian law firm, along with its U.S. legal advisor, Gary Horlick. The council also thanks the U.S. agriculture and commercial staff at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev for their strong support in the case."
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Date:Oct 11, 2010
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