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Renewed wanderlust takes tourists to Xinjiang. Aug 11, 2022 672
China invites Turkey to visit Xinjiang after Bachelet's failed investigation into Uyghurs' human rights violations. Aug 7, 2022 675
Popular Walthamstow restaurant riddled with cockroaches in kitchen closed and slammed with hefty fine; Officers who visited Etles Uyghur uncovered a general lack of cleanliness alongside evidence of a cockroach infestation at the restaurant. By, Sylvie Wilkinson Aug 2, 2022 362
Predictors of Stent Restenosis in Han and Uygur Patients with Coronary Heart Disease after PCI in the Xinjiang Region. Wang, Jiao; Yang, Yuchun; Zhang, Lei; He, Pengyi; Mu, Huyati Jul 31, 2022 4745
DNA Polymorphism of the LOXL1 Promoter Region in Exfoliation Syndrome in Uygur Individuals in XinJiang, China. Ma, Yinu; Yang, Mengting; Chen, Xueyi; Yi, Xianglong Jul 30, 2022 3880
Out of poverty, into modernization. Jul 28, 2022 817
CPEC & Xinjiang top cornerstones of BRI. Muhammad Zamir Assadi Jul 27, 2022 795
Esquel workers globally pay price for US 'shoddy enforcement action'. Hannah Abdulla Jul 26, 2022 560
Uyghur News Recap: July 15-22, 2022. Jul 22, 2022 391
Advancing construction of Silk Road Economic Belt core area. Jul 21, 2022 441
Xi Jinping's inspection tour of Xinjiang. Jul 21, 2022 3422
Xi stresses implementing Party's policies on Xinjiang, highlights stability, security. Jul 21, 2022 1263
Will the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act make a difference? Jul 19, 2022 596
Allies seek to follow US lead on Xinjiang forced labor ban -- US official. admin Jul 19, 2022 563
US ban on Xinjiang imports hits China's supply chain. Jul 17, 2022 1095
How China is using Eid holidays to counter propaganda about Uyghur Muslims. Jul 13, 2022 418
Chinese supply chains could become entangled in Xinjiang mess, report warns. Hannah Abdulla Jul 7, 2022 760
Tourism resurgence tells of a flourishing, stable, open Xinjiang. Jul 7, 2022 1087
A Review of the Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism in the Arid Areas: A Case Study of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China. Shijin, Wang; Xinggang, Ma; Jia, Xie Case study Jul 2, 2022 8787
Why supply chain mapping is key to navigating Uyghur forced labour act. Hannah Abdulla Jun 30, 2022 1690
UN rights chief's first visit to China seems to be 'wasted historic opportunity'. Jun 29, 2022 500
Week in Review: US-China shift accelerates as Uyghur forced labour law comes into play. Hannah Abdulla Jun 27, 2022 570
Uyghur News Recap: June 17-24, 2022. Jun 25, 2022 474
ICC Urged to Investigate China's Treatment of Uyghurs. Jun 23, 2022 464
China opens last section of rail loop around its largest desert. Jun 23, 2022 468
Wondrous Xinjiang: Xinjiang sees surging foreign trade. Jun 23, 2022 346
DNA traceability testing can help brands navigate Uyghur Act requirements. Fi Forrest Jun 22, 2022 551
US apparel industry voices support for Uyghur Act enforcement. Hannah Abdulla Jun 22, 2022 351
Chinese officials press foreign banks to share executive pay details. Jun 22, 2022 463
Civil society calls for urgent measures to protect Uyghurs at risk of refoulement. Jun 22, 2022 652
Uyghur forced labour act goes live in the US today – a timeline of events. Fi Forrest Chronology Jun 21, 2022 837
US guidance permits DNA traceability, isotopic testing as evidence under UFLPA. Jun 21, 2022 201
47 Countries Express Concern Over China's Xinjiang "Abuses" At UN: Report. Jun 20, 2022 399
China continues cultural genocide of Tibetans, Uyghur. Written by AGENCIES Jun 20, 2022 541
Countries voice concern at UN over China's treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang. Jun 19, 2022 740
Dozens of countries call out China at UN over Xinjiang abuse allegations. Jun 17, 2022 523
Xinjiang gears up to show tourists a good time. Jun 16, 2022 869
Sourcemap unveils Forced Labor Compliance Platform to tackle Uyghur law challenges. Hannah Abdulla Jun 16, 2022 549
Islamic scholars gather in Istanbul to highlight Uyghur genocide, support their struggle with China. Written by AGENCIES Jun 16, 2022 414
UK reignites human rights charge against China. Jun 15, 2022 607
UN member states criticize China over Uyghurs at Human Rights Council session. Jun 15, 2022 910
Strong performance of Xinjiang players turns the region into a land of hope for China's soccer scene. Jun 9, 2022 1100
'Unprecedented' material on Uyghur detainment in China in leaked Xinjiang police files. Jun 7, 2022 728
New documentary takes viewers on a food tour of Xinjiang. Jun 2, 2022 1051
Interview: Ambassador-at-large Hussain 'Concerned' by Delay in UN Uyghur Report. Jun 2, 2022 1736
Identifying Japanese Encephalitis Virus Using Metatranscriptomic Sequencing, Xinjiang, China. Yan, Yi; Zheng, Rongjiong; Liu, Haizhou; Wu, Zhiyong; Hao, Mengchan; Ma, Li; Wang, Liying; Gao, Jie; Report Jun 1, 2022 1385
Interview: 'Xinjiang Police Files' Hack and Its Significance. Jun 1, 2022 1445
Berlin's Other Problem After Xinjiang Revelations, Germany's Ties to China Are Under the Microscope. admin May 31, 2022 5690
CHINA: Zim medicine student savours freedom, diversity in Xinjiang. May 30, 2022 437
Germany denies VW China investment guarantees over human rights concerns. Reuters News Service May 30, 2022 343
The China shock: Germany turns away from its biggest trading partner. admin May 30, 2022 1002
US 'concerned' after UN human rights chief visits China. May 29, 2022 491
Uyghur group slams UN rights czar over 'wasted opportunity' during trip to Xinjiang. May 28, 2022 1697
China concerned as UN human rights chief visits Xinjiang region. May 26, 2022 862
Xinjiang's development speaks the truth of its human rights progress. May 26, 2022 292
"Window Into a Police State" Data Leak Provides a Look into China's Brutal Camp System. admin May 25, 2022 2539
Xi speaks with Bachelet, defends China's rights progress. May 25, 2022 493
Xi speaks with UN rights chief as Xinjiang row rages. May 25, 2022 750
China's Uyghur 'shoot-to-kill re-education camps' as images blow apart propaganda; Thousands of leaked images show Uyghurs in China chained by military officials carrying batons, as well as evidence that up to 5,000 Muslims were detained for crimes as small as forgetting to use their mobile phones enough. By, Rachel Hagan May 24, 2022 610
UN Rights Chief Arrives in China. May 23, 2022 441
'Terror' charges packing jails in Uighur heartland; China is accused of committing crimes against humanity - including forced sterilisation - against the mostly Muslim Uighur population in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. Now analysis of leaked data suggests the region has the highest prison rate in the world. Huizhong Wu and Dake Kang, of the Associated Press, report. May 18, 2022 1140
Tariffs, supply constraints take centre stage at NCTO meeting with Biden officials. Fi Forrest May 17, 2022 875
Exiled Uyghurs Fear China's Reach. May 16, 2022 1153
China warns Uyghurs against divulging 'state secrets' before UN rights chief. Written by AGENCIES May 15, 2022 969
Chinese authorities detain seven high school teachers. May 13, 2022 469
German Parliament Deliberates On Situation Of Uyghurs In China's Xinjiang. May 7, 2022 236
German Parliament Deliberates On Situation Of Uyghurs In China's Xinjiang. May 7, 2022 236
An international student's motorcycle journey through northwest China. May 5, 2022 1089
China enlists foreign vloggers to whitewash Uyghur situation in Xinjiang. May 1, 2022 2019
Government urged to clarify policy on Chinese security cameras used in Coventry; Health Secretary Sajid Javid has blocked further purchases from Hiksvision over concerns it is involved in the oppression of Uighurs. By, Nick Smith Apr 28, 2022 456
Interview: China Has More Tools Than Ever To Target Uyghurs Abroad. Apr 25, 2022 1269
Chinese authorities jail at least 100 Uyghurs from the same Xinjiang hamlet. Apr 24, 2022 642
Unfazed by U.S. sanctions and smear campaign, Xinjiang farmers more enthusiastic about cotton farming. Apr 21, 2022 723
Xinjiang headmaster promotes standard Chinese to give future generations more opportunities. Apr 21, 2022 1060
Uyghur News Recap: April 13-20, 2022. Apr 20, 2022 337
Omanis invited to invest in and experience Xinjiang. By: Times News Service Apr 19, 2022 482
Omanis invited to invest in and experience Xinjiang. Apr 19, 2022 471
A Multifaceted Strategy to Enhance Glaucoma Knowledge and Reduce Anxiety in the Uyghur Population of Rural China. Guan, Jieying; Zhu, Yingting; Huang, Wenmin; Wu, Heping; Chen, Rongxin; Ma, Yuncheng; Xie, Lingling Clinical report Apr 18, 2022 5372
Saudi Arabia: Uyghur child among four 'booked for deportation' to China tonight. Apr 13, 2022 289
Uyghur News Recap: March 31-April 6, 2022. Apr 7, 2022 484
Uyghur News Recap: March 31-April 6, 2022. Apr 7, 2022 470
Prominent Uyghur journalist said to be serving 15 years for 'political crimes'. Apr 6, 2022 539
Young Uyghur-Australian to run for seat in Australia's Parliament. Apr 5, 2022 560
Saudi Arabia: Uyghur girl, 13, among four 'facing deportation' and torture in China. Apr 4, 2022 557
Global lawmakers call on Saudi govt to block forcible return of Uyghurs to China. Apr 3, 2022 402
Uyghur farmer serving 8-year sentence for saving wife from forced abortion dies in jail. Mar 28, 2022 401
Uyghurs detained in Saudi Arabia face risk of deportation to China. Mar 25, 2022 726
Xinjiang, a new chapter. Mar 24, 2022 1010
Saudi Arabia: Detained Uyghur men at risk of torture must not be extradited to China. Mar 23, 2022 770
Turkey Turns Down Citizenship for Some Uyghurs. Mar 16, 2022 958
UN Human Rights Chief to Visit China in May. Mar 8, 2022 285
China has agreed to allow UN visit to Xinjiang: UN rights chief. Mar 8, 2022 281
NecBullion Charity Foundation Takes Oku Uygur Bilig Yurdu, Istanbul, Turkey. Mar 7, 2022 183
US urged to help Uyghurs in deportation peril in Morocco, Saudi Arabia. Mar 3, 2022 641
US-based group backs Uyghur, Tibetans activists protesting against rights violation in China. Feb 27, 2022 495
What Happens to Uyghurs After Competing in the Olympics? Feb 19, 2022 583
What Happens to Uyghurs After Competing in the Olympics? Feb 19, 2022 583
2022 official says human rights claims are 'all lies'. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Feb 18, 2022 271
Beijing Olympics get political with Taiwan, Uyghur questions. Feb 17, 2022 599
French Resolution on China genocide likely to strain ties: Report. Feb 13, 2022 329
Uyghur groups stage protest in Belgium against China's human rights violations, calls to boycott Beijing Olympics. Feb 12, 2022 244
US calls on China to comply with steps requested by ILO in Xinjiang. Feb 11, 2022 555
French Resolution On China Genocide Likely To Strain Ties - Report. Feb 11, 2022 332
Uyghurs' fury over flame call; POLITICS. Feb 6, 2022 160
Chinese irrigation tunnel project in Xinjiang hits snag: too much water. Feb 6, 2022 1037
ceremony fuels sportswash row; Uyghur Muslim skier is chosen as flame lighter in 'genocide Olympics'. FROM ALEX SPINK in Beijing @alexspinkmirror Feb 5, 2022 374
Uyghurs surprise at Winter Olympics opening ceremony doesn't alter sportswashing claims; China has been inundated with accusations of human rights abuses and "sportswashing" which not even the opening ceremony finale including Uyghur Dinigeer Yilamujiang can over look. By, Alex Spink Feb 4, 2022 479
'The Only Crime of Most of Us Was That We Were Uyghur Muslims': Concentration camp survivor Tursunay Ziyawudun on her imprisonment and torture in China. Childress, Billy Interview Feb 1, 2022 3378
An argument that can rebound. Jan 30, 2022 319
Uyghurs in Turkey call for boycott of Beijing Games. Jan 23, 2022 364
The Face of Forced Labor: A Business Force Lost? Jan 20, 2022 569
Chinese, overseas scholars condemn U.S. signing of 'Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act'. Jan 20, 2022 341
Co-owner of Golden State Warriors comes under fire for comments on Uyghur Muslims. RAY HANANIA Jan 18, 2022 747
Yao Ming invites China critic Enes Kanter to visit. Jan 18, 2022 430
Why Xinjiang Has Been a Touchy Subject in China for Centuries. Jan 14, 2022 1477
China Studies Centre slams US over Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act. Jan 10, 2022 452
US has no good reason to stall on Rohingya genocide label. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim Jan 2, 2022 757
US anti-Uyghur Bill & China's response. Dr Mehmood-ul-Hassan Khan Jan 1, 2022 1019
No 'forced labor' in Xinjiang: A revealing trip to U.S.-sanctioned silicon factory. Dec 23, 2021 600
Biden Signs Bill to Ban Imports from China's Xinjiang Into Law. Dec 23, 2021 163
Beijing Takes 'Reciprocal Countermeasures' in Response to US Anti-China Sanctions Over Uyghur Issue. Dec 21, 2021 228
China sanctions four US officials over Xinjiang. Dec 21, 2021 310
Vocational Training Centres and Peace in Xinjiang. Hina Habib Dec 19, 2021 757
US Senate Passes Final Version of Uyghur Protection Bill, Sends to Biden for Signature. Dec 16, 2021 173
Xinjiang Speaks: Counter-terrorism measures effective, legitimate: public security official. Xinhua Dec 15, 2021 319
Xinjiang Speaks: Freedom of religious belief thriving. Xinhua Dec 15, 2021 653
Xinjiang Speaks: Young generations keep ethnic cultural heritage alive. Xinhua Dec 15, 2021 700
China's SenseTime postpones Hong Kong IPO after US blacklisting. Dec 13, 2021 551
China 'committed genocide' in Xinjiang. Dec 10, 2021 411
China 'committed genocide' in Xinjiang. Dec 10, 2021 411
China 'committed genocide' in Xinjiang. Dec 10, 2021 411
China 'committed genocide' in Xinjiang says Uyghur Tribunal. Dec 10, 2021 411
China 'committed genocide' in Xinjiang. Dec 10, 2021 411
US House Passes Bill to Ban Imports From China's Xinjiang. Dec 9, 2021 164
Xinjiang Speaks: One Uygur family, four generations of growth. Dec 8, 2021 847
US announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics. Dec 7, 2021 768
Terrorwashing a Genocide: How the war on terror facilitated Communist China's repression of Uyghurs. Mauk, Ben Nov 25, 2021 2980
Report: China Using Forced Uyghur Labor, Exploiting Complex Supply Chain. Nov 23, 2021 665
Uyghur Atrocities: Protest held outside Chinese Embassy in London. Nov 20, 2021 257
RICH TORY'S PS700K FROM EXTRA JOBS; MORE SLEAZE AT HEART T OF COMMONS AS MP CASHES IN He's on books with 4 companies China-link firm hands him PS300k >> >> Human rights fear on spy tech. EXCLUSIVE BY GERALDINE MCKELVIE Investigations Editor Nov 14, 2021 644
rich tory's PS700K from extra jobs; MORE SLEAZE AT HEART T OF COMMONS AS MP CASHES IN >>>>He's on books with 4 companies >>>>China-link firm hands him PS300k >>>>Human rights fear on spy tech. EXCLUSIVE BY GERALDINE MCKELVIE Investigations Editor Nov 14, 2021 650
Tory MP's £300,000 link to China 'spy' firm as he gets £700,000 for four extra jobs; The cash for extra jobs scandal grows as it emerges wealthy backbencher Richard Fuller MP has four roles outside Parliament and advised a company that invests in surveillance kit, with Labour expressing human rights fears on the spy tech. By, Geraldine McKelvie Nov 13, 2021 654
Chinese horticulturist's 60 years of unremitting efforts at melon breeding. Nov 12, 2021 1013
The 'G' Word: What China is doing in Xinjiang is disturbing, but is it genocide? Hitchens, Dan Nov 1, 2021 1535
Uyghur doctoral student known for academic achievements arrested at Chinese university. Oct 31, 2021 385
Local Xinjiang government promises young people a better future by improving education. Oct 21, 2021 1030
Xinjiang develops its tourism industry with a focus on rural areas. Oct 21, 2021 1194
Xinjiang government refutes Western lies about human rights. Oct 14, 2021 460
China auctions off property of detained Uyghurs, raises millions. Oct 8, 2021 286
Paris Town Hall to be illuminated in Uyghur colours, says Mayor Anne Hidalgo. Oct 8, 2021 311
Employable skills are critical to human rights progress. Oct 7, 2021 1150
Roundup: Demographic development in Xinjiang self-explanatory against anti-China attempts, experts say. Oct 7, 2021 482
Paris Demonstrators Demand EU Ban Products Linked To Uighur Slave Labour. Oct 2, 2021 323
White paper slams fabrications against China's Xinjiang with facts, figures. Sep 30, 2021 824
Experts reject US allegations of genocide in Xinjiang, China. Sep 25, 2021 500
New study finds high-level government role in China's Uyghur internment camps. Report Sep 20, 2021 1135
Under Taliban rule, Uyghurs in Afghanistan fear deportation to China. Sep 5, 2021 345
AN Why we don't know INCONVENIENT more about the Uyghurs GENOCIDEW. Gjelten, Tom Sep 1, 2021 8164
Illustrating the real feel of Xinjiang. Aug 12, 2021 223
Western anti-Xinjiang propaganda and true face of Xinjiang. Dr Haroon Shahid Jul 28, 2021 947
Senior AJ+ figure compares French bill to China's handling of Uyghur Muslims. Arab News Jul 25, 2021 491
USA Passes Bill Banning Products From Xingjian Region. Jul 24, 2021 318
Blinken meets Uyghur internment camp survivors, calls for an end to China's ongoing genocide. Jul 20, 2021 152
China issues white paper on protecting rights of Xinjiang's ethnic groups. Jul 14, 2021 285
Kazakh Police Detain Activists Involved In Xinjiang Protests Outside Chinese Consulate. Jul 7, 2021 315
China among worst countries in US human trafficking report. Jul 7, 2021 459
Supporters of imprisoned Uyghur poet launch social media campaign to denounce China. Jul 4, 2021 684
Islamabad backs Beijing's version on Uighurs: PM. Jul 2, 2021 845
Pakistan accepts China's version on Xinjiang's Uighurs: PM Imran. Jul 1, 2021 1034
Pakistan accepts China's version on Xinjiang's Uighurs: PM Imran. Jul 1, 2021 814
Pakistan's rapid descent into a vassal of China and its complicity in the atrocities against the Uyghurs. Jun 29, 2021 2174
US bans imports of material from Chinese company linked to forced labour camps in Xinjiang. Jun 28, 2021 504
China, Pakistan sharing human community of common destiny: Yuan Jianmin. Jun 23, 2021 589
Sri Lanka defends China on Xinjiang despite reports of Uighur persecution. Jun 22, 2021 274
Pakistan PM Imran Khan coolly dismisses plight of Uyghurs. Interview Jun 22, 2021 380
China sanctions Belgian lawmaker after motion passed on Uyghurs genocide. Jun 19, 2021 361
Speaking Standard Chinese is a skill that helps people out of poverty. Jun 17, 2021 1075
Through her lens, photographer Hailun Ma allows people to ogle at the beauty of Xinjiang. Jun 17, 2021 895
China-Pakistan relationship is always in my heartA: Yao Jing. Jun 16, 2021 1336
China census: Migration drives Han population growth in Xinjiang. Jun 15, 2021 645
China Carrying Out 'Slow Genocide' Of Uyghurs In Xinjiang: Report. Jun 15, 2021 284
China irked after Budapest mayor names road 'Uyghur Martyrs'. Jun 6, 2021 740
'Uighur Tribunal' hears allegations of rampant China abuses. Jun 4, 2021 573
Another attempt to malign China. Jun 3, 2021 410
Pakistan could benefit from the stability and development of Xinjiang: Yao Jing. Jun 2, 2021 744
Brother of World Uyghur Congress President Sentenced to Life in Prison in China's Xinjiang. Jun 1, 2021 984
Forced Labor in China's Xinjiang Region. Jun 1, 2021 685
Uyghur Muslims living in UK don't know if family left in genocide are dead or alive; EXCLUSIVE: China has a network of over 380 re-education camps where it has interned over a million Uyghur and other ethnic Muslims in what many have called a genocide. By, Kieren Williams May 21, 2021 2774
China hits back at Pelosi 'lies' over Beijing Olympics boycott call. May 20, 2021 262
Lithuanian parliament latest to call China's treatment of Uyghurs 'genocide'. May 20, 2021 304
UPDATE: China hits back at Pelosi over Beijing Olympics boycott call. May 19, 2021 442
Samsung, LG perplexed by UN allegations of Uyghur rights violation. May 14, 2021 401
Western Tears For Uyghurs. May 3, 2021 1057
Muslims' rights to offer prayers, observe fasting fully guaranteed in Xinjiang: Imam 'Id Kah' Mosque. Apr 26, 2021 499
UK MPs anger Beijing by declaring "genocide" in Xinjiang. Apr 23, 2021 459
Correlation between Occupational Stress and Coronary Heart Disease in Northwestern China: A Case Study of Xinjiang. Lu, Wu-Hong; Zhang, Wen-Qian; Sun, Fei; Gao, Ya-Ting; Zhao, Yun-Juan; Liu, Ji-Wen; Ma, Yi-Tong; Muhu Report Apr 21, 2021 4330
Xinjiang rapidly prospering. Apr 17, 2021 397
Truth is the Best Illustration --- The Real Xinjiang in my eyes. Editorial Apr 13, 2021 920
China promises robust response should Beijing 2022 boycott threat become reality. Apr 9, 2021 611
Understanding the West's paranoid about China. Apr 8, 2021 1154
Some Olympic uniforms liable to contain Xinjiang cotton: Report. Apr 7, 2021 250
SCO SG, diplomats from over 20 countries including Pakistan visit Xinjiang. Apr 3, 2021 507
SCO SG, diplomats from over 20 countries including Pakistan visit Xinjiang. Apr 3, 2021 507
Xinjiang restores over 100 antique items. Mar 30, 2021 291
China rebuts UN concerns over 'forced labor' of Uyghurs. Mar 30, 2021 324
UN experts seek 'unhindered' access to China. Mar 29, 2021 497
China sanctions US, Canada in tit-for-tat move. Mar 27, 2021 383
Xinjiang cotton is a human rights issue: Taiwan legislative speaker. Mar 27, 2021 269
Nike and H&M face Chinese boycott over Xinjiang cotton comments. Mar 26, 2021 293
Indonesian students rally against China over Uyghurs. Mar 26, 2021 354
UK Foreign Office to Summon Chinese Ambassador to Debate New Sanctions. Mar 26, 2021 498
Chinese Celebrities Sever Ties With Nike As Outcry Over Xinjiang Allegations Escalates. Mar 25, 2021 602
Facebook: Uyghurs abroad target of Chinese spying. Mar 25, 2021 477
Uyghurs protest Chinese foreign minister's Turkey visit. Mar 25, 2021 472
China squeezes Western brands as Xinjiang backlash builds. Mar 25, 2021 698
Nike slides amid reports of possible China boycotts related to Xinjiang. Mar 25, 2021 413
Facebook takes action against hackers in China targeting Uyghurs living abroad. Mar 24, 2021 166
US, UK, Canada unite against China's 'abuses' in Xinjiang. Mar 23, 2021 264
UK sanctions Chinese officials over 'appalling' human rights violations in Xinjiang. Mar 22, 2021 252
EU issues sanctions over Uyghur rights violations. Mar 22, 2021 382
Australia parliament debates motion on Uighur abuses. Mar 22, 2021 343
Exiled Uyghurs' children sent to orphanages: Amnesty. Mar 19, 2021 376
Experts hail China's role in development of Xinjiang Muslims, other minority groups. Mar 14, 2021 783
EU prepares to sanction China over abuse of Uighurs. Mar 12, 2021 203
US says Uyghur genocide to be 'topic' at China talks. Mar 12, 2021 264
US maintains its judgment on Uyghur genocide. Mar 10, 2021 211
China's treatment of Uighurs meets criteria of UN Genocide Convention: report. Mar 10, 2021 733
New report holds China responsible for Uyghur genocide. Mar 9, 2021 411
Looming China extradition deal worries Uighurs in Turkey. Mar 8, 2021 496
Looming China extradition deal worries Uighurs in Turkey. Reuters News Service Mar 8, 2021 505
Show support by standing up to the abuse of Uyghur people. WE STAND TOGETHER By BRYONY MOORE Mar 6, 2021 459
China won't compromise its people's core interests over Western slanders. Mar 3, 2021 633
China counters Uighur criticism with explicit attacks on women witnesses. Reuters News Service Mar 1, 2021 848
Investigative report debunks US State Department accusations of China 'genocide'. Mar 1, 2021 375
China slams Dutch motion declaring genocide in Xinjiang. Feb 26, 2021 286
Holocaust survivors urge UK to act on Uyghur 'genocide'. Feb 24, 2021 166
France denounces abuses by China against Uighurs. Feb 24, 2021 425
China invites UN rights chief to visit Xinjiang. Feb 24, 2021 304
Canada labels Chinese abuse of Uighurs as 'genocide'. Feb 23, 2021 471
Canadian MPs say China's treatment of Uighurs is 'genocide'. Feb 23, 2021 599
Canadian Parliament Calls on Government to Declare China's Treatment of Uyghurs 'Genocide'. Feb 22, 2021 313
Canada debates labeling China's Uighur abuse genocide. Feb 19, 2021 311
Turkey: Chinese embassy responds to Uighur protests. Feb 17, 2021 508
Istanbul: Uighurs demand to know families' whereabouts. Feb 11, 2021 513
China appreciates positive remarks by Pakistani UAE sides about Xinjiang. Feb 9, 2021 393
China appreciates positive remarks by Pakistani UAE sides about Xinjiang. Feb 9, 2021 393
China hails Pakistan, UAE's positions on Xinjiang. Feb 8, 2021 334
US Secretary Of State Presses China On Uighurs And HK In First Call. Feb 6, 2021 441
People's happy life in Xinjiang is really inspiring: Pakistan Envoy. Feb 6, 2021 357
Turkey: Uighurs stage protest outside Chinese embassy. Feb 5, 2021 271
Turkey: Uighur families protest outside China embassy. Feb 3, 2021 549
Despite new Biden administration, US-China friction could remain high. Jan 30, 2021 767
HK politician rebuts Xinjiang genocide accusation citing popularity of Uyghur star. Jan 28, 2021 301
Turkish opposition party against China extradition pact. Jan 27, 2021 177
The 'Humanitarian' Left Still Ignores the Lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria to Cheer on More War. Jan 25, 2021 2419
Conference explores economic cooperation between Pakistan, Xinjiang. Conference notes Jan 24, 2021 609
Former chinese ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing takes up a new post in Xinjiang. Jan 22, 2021 384
'Where is my family?': Uighurs dreading for relatives in China. Jan 22, 2021 1886
Twitter locks Chinese embassy's account over Uyghur tweet. Jan 21, 2021 304
China Dismisses US Uighur Genocide Claim As "Outrageous Lies". Jan 20, 2021 200
US says China committed 'possibly genocide' in Xinjiang. Jan 15, 2021 238
Canada acts on China's abuse of Uighur minority. Jan 12, 2021 249
UK to review export controls on goods from Xinjiang. Jan 12, 2021 382
Turkey: Uighurs continue protests at Chinese consulate. Jan 6, 2021 284
Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Causes of Visual Impairment in an Elderly Chinese Uygur Population in Southern Xinjiang. Sun, Yi; Jin, Guangming; Yang, Mengting; Fu, Jing; Chen, Xueyi; Lou, Bingsheng Jan 1, 2021 5443
Turkey facing delayed China vaccine amid controversial extradition deal. Arab News Dec 29, 2020 664
China's Alibaba "Dismayed" By Uighur Facial-Recognition Software. Dec 18, 2020 400
European Parliament seeks China sanctions over Uighurs. Dec 18, 2020 371
China's Alibaba Pushed Software That Identifies Uighurs - Report. Dec 17, 2020 370
Over 570,000 Uighurs involved in Xinjiang cotton coerced labor: report. Dec 15, 2020 463
China accused of forcing 570,000 people to pick cotton in Xinjiang. Reuters News Service Dec 15, 2020 502
UN rights chief worried about Xinjiang Uighurs' plight. Dec 9, 2020 301
Man locked up and tortured in Chinese concentration camp 'almost had organs harvested'; WARNING: GRAPHIC DETAILS -EXCLUSIVE: Kazakh national Omir Bekali claims that he was tortured in Chinese detention by officials who accused him of being part of a terrorist cell in the country's north west Xinjiang province. By, Milo Boyd Dec 3, 2020 1070
MULAN. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Dec 1, 2020 261
China criticizes Pope on comment on Uighur. Nov 29, 2020 470
Pope, for first time, says China's Uighurs are 'persecuted'. Reuters News Service Nov 23, 2020 527
Canada unfairly accuses China of genocide in Xinjiang. Nov 20, 2020 987
Report: Malaysia risks reprisal from China over refusal to send back Uighurs. Nov 15, 2020 558
Xinjiang and its progress. Nov 14, 2020 638
INDIFFERENCE IS COMPLICITY: As Jews, we must fight to save the Uighurs in China. Cotler, Irwin Nov 1, 2020 792
US senators seek to declare China genocide against Uighurs. Oct 28, 2020 788
China lauds Pakistan's objective position on issue of Xinjiang. Oct 22, 2020 216
Canadian MPs deem China's actions vs Uyghurs 'genocide'. Oct 22, 2020 301
UPDATE - Turkey expresses continuing concerns over Uighurs. Oct 7, 2020 568
Turkey expresses continuing concerns over Uighurs. Oct 7, 2020 509
39 nations urge access of rights observers in Xinjiang. Oct 6, 2020 285
Lost in Xinjiang. Rafia Zakaria Sep 30, 2020 1060
France to continue pressure on China over Muslim Uighur minority. Arab News Sep 26, 2020 452
China rebuked by West at UN rights forum on Hong Kong, Xinjiang. Reuters News Service Sep 25, 2020 453
China rebuked by West at UN rights forum on Hong Kong, Xinjiang. Sep 25, 2020 440
Employment progress in Xinjiang key to social stability, experts say. Sep 23, 2020 585
Uyghurs risk being added to Holocaust Memorial Day; Faith Matters MS AISHA REZA, SIEA BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY STUDENT. Sep 18, 2020 356

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