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Uh, can I get a handoff?

I recently faced an interesting situation and I'd like to get your take on it. Simply put, imagine two adjacent Class D airports. I was VFR, transitioning the first Class D to a landing at the second. A few botched radio calls were involved, but essentially I was never handed off to the Class D for my destination, and by the time I was able to get a word in to request the handoff, I was already inside the second airspace. For that, I got spanked.

Robert Schapiro

New York, NY

Interesting story, Robert. On first glance, it seems that those controllers were not very helpful and seemed rather snippy, perhaps because this is a situation that happens often and they're simply tired of it. The frustrating part is that the whole mixup could have been alleviated by the first controller simply giving you, "Frequency change approved," when she told you to proceed as requested.

You don't say if you made it clear to the first controller that you were going to the other airport. If you did, perhaps they'd have been more helpful. But, if not, consider making it explicit: "Transitioning your airspace; request handoff to.

With the airspaces being adjacent, it's easy to assume you'll get a handoff. Regardless, the regs are pretty clear that you're supposed to be talking to the owner of a Class D airspace before entry. So, failing that handoff, you've still got to make the call.

It might be interesting to search the ASRS reports to see if there are others with the same general situation. Or, you might consider phoning that first tower to find out how they would prefer the situation to be handled. All that, though, would just enhance your hindsight.

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Author:Schapiro, Robert
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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