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Uganda: Regional Market for Feed Developing.

October 5 2010 - Ugandan demand for animal feed is growing according to the Uganda Export Promotion Board.

Paul Gitta, director market and product development at the Uganda Export Promotion Board, told Feedinfo News Service: "Ugandan farmers have been grappling with low prices of commodities like maize for some time now. The prices for maize have dropped in some places to as low as Shs100 a kilo which is more of an insult to the labour and inputs that farmers invest in these ventures. This is the same as in other East African countries that have witnessed similar harvests and slump in prices. However by contrast, the market for animal feeds in the region is thriving."

Dr Gitta went on to say that Uganda has a comparative advantage over other regional countries in the production of raw materials for animal feeds. He added: "The population of the East African countries stands at over 120 million and is still growing. Yet each of the countries reports that its demand for animal products like meat, milk, eggs, fish surpasses the supply or available quantities. This demand for animal products has attracted many into animal rearing and this in effect has created demand for animal feeds. "

Furthermore, Dr Gitta said growing population has increased pressure for available agricultural land as well as increased intensive farming methods in the region. He added: "These factors have progressively raised the demand for animal feeds and consequently the price. This demand for animal feeds can only be a blessing for farmers. Even as farmers grapple for markets for their maize and other commodities, adding value to them in form of animal feeds can generate far more income for them."
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:Oct 5, 2010
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