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Ubuntu to Take on Google and Apple on Mobile Devices.

A mobile version of Canonical's Ubuntu operating system has been shown working on a Galaxy Nexus.

A hands-on preview by ( Engadget shows the smartphone version of Ubuntu has an optimised user interface that uses swipes rather than buttons, much like Windows 8 on tablets, and has voice recognition. Engadget has also reported that Ubuntu will feature its own app store.

Based on the popular Linux operating system, Ubuntu is an open-source computer operating system. A mobile version of Ubuntu has been in the works since Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth announced it at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in 2011. At the time, Shuttleworth told ( The Verge that Ubuntu would be available on mobile phones in 2014.

Ubuntu is one of several new operating systems for smartphones that are set to challenge the dominance of Apple's iOS and Google's Android systems. Mozilla, the developer of the web browser Firefox, ( recently launched an early build of its new Firefox OS . The Linux Foundation has also launched ( Tizen , an open source OS which is still in development.

Yet another another Linux-based OS, ( Joli , is now moving from laptops on to smartphones.

However, despite bringing Ubuntu to smartphones, Canonical says it has no plans to develop its own handsets. In a ( press release , CEO Jane Silber said Ubuntu was targeted at improving basic, low-end smartphones.

"We expect Ubuntu to be popular in the enterprise market, enabling customers to provision a single, secure device for all PC, thin client and phone functions," said Silber. "Ubuntu is already the most widely used Linux enterprise desktop, with customers in a wide range of sectors focused on security, cost and manageability.

"We also see an opportunity in basic smartphones that are used for the phone, SMS, web and email," continued Silber, "where Ubuntu outperforms thanks to its native core apps and stylish presentation."

Canonical estimates that more than 20 million laptops around the world currently use Ubuntu.
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Date:Jan 2, 2013
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