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Ubicom's StreamEngine Technology Selected by D-Link for the Industry's First Gaming Routers.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- StreamEngine(TM) Automatically Manages Network Traffic to Enhance Online Gaming Experience

Ubicom(TM), Inc., a leading provider of communications processor and software solutions, today announced that D-Link(R) selected Ubicom's StreamEngine technology as a building block to help power D-Link GameFuel(TM) in the company's new GamerLounge(TM) Gaming Routers. StreamEngine technology automatically identifies and prioritizes delay-sensitive network traffic like gaming, Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM) to provide a superior user experience. Online gamers gain a competitive edge over their peers through improved game responsiveness and the reduction of "game lag," as well as enhanced quality of in-game chat.

Announced on December 8, the GamerLounge routers are available now through authorized retail, reseller and distribution partners at an MSRP of $179.99 for the DGL-4300 and $149.99 for the DGL-4100.

"Ubicom's StreamEngine technology automatically detects, prioritizes and manages network traffic to reduce `lag' from online game-play," said David Somo, vice president of marketing for Ubicom. "D-Link's GamerLounge routers employ StreamEngine to enable a smooth and highly responsive arcade-quality gaming experience. We're excited about partnering with D-Link to pioneer a revolution in online gaming."

"The popularity of mainstream online gaming is exploding with the proliferation of broadband internet access," said Brian Larsen, director of product management for D-Link. "D-Link's new GamerLounge routers deliver the ultimate online gaming experience through the fusion of GameFuel, which incorporates Ubicom's StreamEngine technology, Gigabit Ethernet and 108Mbps WLAN connectivity. D-Link is pleased to partner with Ubicom to provide a new class of routers specifically designed for online gaming enthusiasts."

About StreamEngine Technology

StreamEngine technology delivers an enhanced online experience by employing powerful Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms. The key to making this useable for a home or small office is Intelligent Stream Handling, a patent-pending algorithm which automatically manages the flow of traffic going to the Internet, without the need for user configuration. As a result, real-time, interactive traffic, such as gaming, VoIP, Instant Messaging and video conferencing, are automatically given the appropriate priority when other users and applications use the network. In addition, Intelligent Stream Handling minimizes the impact of large packet, lower priority traffic on latency-sensitive traffic and eliminates delays caused by DSL or cable modem connections. StreamEngine effectively eliminates the lag and breakup problem in online gaming and other voice/video applications.

About Ubicom, Inc.

Ubicom(TM), Inc. develops communications processor and software platforms that address the unique demands of real-time, interactive applications in home and small office environments. The company provides optimized system-level solutions to OEMs for a wide range of products including wireless routers, access points, VoIP gateways, streaming media devices, print servers and other network devices. Ubicom's unique multithreaded processor design, real-time operating system, and application level solutions combine to ensure a high-quality user experience with unprecedented ease of use. Ubicom is a venture-backed, privately held company with corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Ubicom, the Ubicom logo, IP3023 and StreamEngine are trademarks of Ubicom, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Editors Note: Contact Kim Stowe for review units of the Ubicom Gaming Router Solution. Additionally, visit to download a complete whitepaper on StreamEngine technology and how it manages Internet traffic during game-play.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 16, 2004
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