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UW announces short courses.

UW ANNOUNCES SHORT COURSES. University of Washington, Seattle Washington, has announced its short course series. Each course will take place at Bloedel Hall, Seattle. To register or for further information, readers may contact Mark Lewis 206-543-8130 or


* The "Hands-on Introduction to Pulp and Paper" series is slated for September 6 to 9, 2006, covering raw materials through coated papers. With morning lectures and afternoon hands-on laboratory work, subjects include: raw materials, pulping, bleaching, stock prep, papermaking, wet end chemistry, pressing and drying, coating and recycling. The cost is US$ 2395.

* "Wet end chemistry for non-chemists" is planned for September 12 to 14, 2006, covering all aspects of wet-end chemistry on a level designed for operators, new process engineers who are not familiar with the paper industry, and sales personnel. Trials will be run on the pilot paper machine. Subjects include: water chemistry, fiber, raw materials and effects, retention and drainage aids, sizing, wet strength, starch, alum and wet end monitoring. The cost is US$ 1050.


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