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USS Peleliu Beach Det standardizes deployment logistics processes.

By LCDR Fred Dini, SC, USN Assistant Supply Officer of USS Peleliu (LHA 5) Prior to USS Peleliu's departure for its 2006 Western Pacific/Arabian Gulf deployment, a major logistics problem existed for L-deck deploying ships: every deploying LDeck needed to reinvent the wheel in terms of justifying and organizing a logistics-focused Beach Detachment for an expeditionary strike group (ESG) deployment. No fleetwide standard operating procedures existed for ships to implement regarding management of a beach detachment, nor did they exist for fulfillment of material control officer (MATCONOFF) and marine logistics support (MARLOG) responsibilities.

In order to rectify this situation, the USS Peleliu Beach Detachment established the first fleet-recognized and documented standard operating procedures for the management of forward logistics site/ beach detachment, MATCONOFF, and MARLOG operations.

The USS Peleliu Beach Detachment is comprised of CDR Joyce Robinson, SC, USN, Peleliu Supply Officer; LCDR Rebecca Milton, SC, USN, Peleliu Assistant Supply Officer (FebruaryApril '06); LCDR Fred Dini, SC, USN, Peleliu Assistant Supply Officer (AprilAugust '06); LCDR Todd A. Nelms, SC, USN, Marine Logistics Officer in Charge; LT Cielo I. Almanza, SC, USN, Beach Det Officer in Charge; LTJG Nicholas M. Rizzuto, SC, USN, Beach Det Assistant Officer in Charge, 1stLt. John Minerick, USMC, Marine Logistics Assistant Officer in Charge; SKCM (SW/AW) Reynaldo Delgado, Beach Det CPOIC; SK2 (SW/AW) Josephus F. Marabante; SK2 (AW) Donnie S. Deleon; PS2 (SW) Eruel De Los Reyes; SK3 Ricardo Seminario-Montoya; SK3 Hector Camarena; and Sgt. Paul Ramirez, USMC.

The "Forward Logistics Site (FLS)/ Beach Det (Deployed) Guidelines" developed by this team in early 2006 consist of a thorough description of precepts for existence and operation, responsibilities of shipboard departments with regard to outfitting and managing this team, personnel assignment requirements, communications methods, administrative necessities, explicit duties of the detachment in each port, and specific procedures to follow to ensure maximum logistical benefit to the ship of the ESG.


The ESG 3 MATCONOFF procedures were created by this team and distributed via Naval Message, from COMEXSTRIGRU 3 to PELESG, DTG 181630Z NOV 05. These measures were designed to expedite the receipt of NORS [not operationally ready, supply], ANORS [anticipated notoperationallyready], NMCS [not mission capable-supply], and UMS [urgent material screening] parts by identifying and filling requirements from existing ESG assets. The message went on to delegate responsibilities for requisition screenings, responses, inventory submissions, consolidation of requests, and direction for transfers; to proscribe urgent material screening and receipt confirmation message formats; and to describe beach detachment assignment requirements of all ESG units.

USS Peleliu Instruction 4408.2F (Draft) of April 2006, "Control of Aviation Consumable and Repair Parts in Support of Off-Ship Marine Exercises and Operations," published policy, procedures, and specific responsibilities and accountabilities for management of MARLOG support from L-deck ships and their beach detachment elements. This inclusive document covers procedures for pack-up kit development, daily operations for deployed Marine units and aviation support divisions, and pack-up kit return.

It also includes standardized templates for Pack Up Kit Custody Appointment Letters, Forward Aviation Logistics Status (FALS) Reports, and Manifest of Cargo (MOC) Reports to streamline and heighten accuracy for all off-ship Marine aviation logistics support efforts.

Though these documents are meticulously crafted, streamlined products, the true benefit to the ship and the fleet came from implementing the processes they laid out during the ESG-3 2006 Western Pacific/Arabian Gulf Deployment.

After compiling associated financial and lessons-learned data, the USS Peleliu Beach Detachment wrote, distributed among all Expeditionary Strike Group 3 assets, and implemented these comprehensive guidelines during ESG 3's 2006 Western Pacific/Arabian Gulf Deployment with phenomenal results. In March 2006, the beach detachment quantified the temporary additional duty travel target (TADTAR) expenditures necessary to support beach detachment operations in eight ports spanning the length of the strike group's deployment as $361,130.00. Prior to this data compilation, quantification of the cost-benefit of maintaining a beach detachment had not been possible.

As a result of these expenditures, the detachment enabled the ship to expeditiously transport 818 tons of general stores and 60 tons of mail throughout deployment. Working hand-in-hand with supply support infrastructure personnel from Bahrain, to Singapore, to the ship's Logistics Support Representative at FISC San Diego, Jun Garcia, the Beach Det maximized every opportunity to receive mail, provisions and spare parts, offload plastic waste and hazardous materials, and immediately cross-deck mail and high priority requirements to other battle group assets.

The Beach Detachment was directly involved in the planning and execution of routine helicopter replenishment flights from Bahrain to ESG 3 ships, as well as in the planning of 12 major vertical replenishments and 18 in-port replenishment events.

During used HAZMAT offloads facilitated by Beach Det planning, the Peleliu HAZMAT Division offloaded 118,305 pounds of used HAZMAT throughout deployment with zero safety incidents. Overall, the route, receipt, segregation, and delivery of stock parts by the Beach Det helped maintain high effectiveness for Peleliu's 33,000 Navy Working Capital Fund line item inventory valued at $112 million.

By administering, coordinating, and implementing MATCONOFF procedures, Peleliu Beach Detachment skillfully balanced operational and logistic needs for all five ships assigned to the ESG. From February to August 2006, more than 150 CASREP (casualty reports) and ANORS requisitions were tracked and innovatively expedited by Peleliu as overall material control officer for ESG 3. Through these actions, as well as through their performance as vital members of the ESG 3 Logistic Fusion Board and developers of a Peleliu Logistics Matrix used by ESG 3 as a "one-stop" information center for logistical planning and activity, the detachment team members' expert knowledge of the logistics pipeline and supervision of the MATCONOFF program minimized downtime for crucial shipboard and aviation systems.

The rock-solid, previously nonexistent MARLOG procedures implemented by the Peleliu Beach Detachment enabled the ship to provide phenomenal distance-support to the embarked Marine Expeditionary Unit Aviation Combat Element when it deployed on short notice to Kuwait in support of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. The detachment helped develop, issue, and maintain from afar, aviation packup kits with 5,200 line items of aviation stock, completing this task accurately and in record time. USS Peleliu achieved incredible aviation support metrics throughout its 2006 deployment, including 99.6 percent gross effectiveness and 99.2 percent net effectiveness for high priority AVDLRs [aviation depot level repairables]. According to Commander, Naval Air Forces (COMNAVAIRFOR), Peleliu's six percent not-in-stock, 17 percent notcarried, and 16 percent canceled requirement rates were the absolute lowest among the last three deployed west-coast L-decks!

Finally, the outstanding logistics support afforded to USS Peleliu by its Beach Detachment helped the embarked Marine Expeditionary Unit to achieve a flawless 100 percent sortie completion rate for 35 embarked aircraft despite an average weekly 180 flight hours logged by the Marine Air Combat Element--three times greater than those logged on three other recently deployed L-decks.

Ultimately, due to these spectacular accomplishments, COMNAVAIRFOR lauded the Peleliu Beach Detachment team for its exceptional standard operating procedures and is currently providing this SOP to upcoming deployers as the "template for the fleet." For its exceptional accomplishments, the Peleliu Beach Detachment was nominated for the Admiral Stan Arthur Award for Logistics Excellence. If anyone would like copies of these documents for their own ship's use on deployment, please contact LT Francis Santos, USS Peleliu Stores Officer, at LCDR Fred Dini reported to USS Peleliu from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. He served on USS Simon Lake (AS 33) and USS Emory S. Land (AS 39).

By LCDR Fred Dini, SC, USN

Assistant Supply Officer of USS Peleliu (LHA 5)
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Author:Dini, Fred
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Date:May 1, 2007
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