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USS Cole Awarded Blue "E".

Cole completed a highly successful Supply Management Certification in December 2007, averaging 97.5 percent across all functional areas. Pictured on USS Cole's flight deck while underway on deployment in the Arabian Gulf are, front row, CDR Cary Krause, Commanding Officer; LCDR Mike Pfarrer, Executive Officer; CMDCM Pat Reynolds, Command Master Chief; LT Andy Henwood, Supply Officer; ENS Steave Phann, Disbursing Officer; SHC Monique Chatman; CSC Garfield Christie; and SKC Lakesha Jobe. In the second row are: CS2 Nash, CS1 Eldridge, SH3 McElroy, DC2 Linman, SH2 Allison, SK2 Banks, EMFN Blackmon, IT3 Glover. The third row includes SH3 Torres and SN Bailey followed by SK2 Crawley, HT1 Sanders in the forth row. The fifth row includes CS3 Pryer, CS2 Clark, BM3 Boards, CSSN Alejandrino, CSSN Motino, and SKSN Fanasantos. CS3 Hall, SKSN Loughlin, SK3 Kelley, CSSN Peters, BM3 Horsford, and GMSN Harris make up the sixth row. The seventh row includes SKSN Lleva, SH3 Smith, CS2 Palmer, and STG3 Nuzum. FC3 Hickerson, CSSN Hendricks, CSSN Best, SHSN Winston, CS3 Vang, OSSN Lee, and GM1 Longoria make up the eigth row with SHSN Moise, SKSN Ramadan, SKSN Mallory, EMFN Griffin, CS1 O'Connor, GSMFN Hill, and FC3 Francis in the last row.

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Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:May 1, 2008
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