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USS Abraham Lincoln undergoes maintenance.

In August 2006, the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier cruised into Puget Sound in Bremerton, WA and docked in preparation for a massive tank blasting and coating project that was expected to take several months to complete.

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF) completed ship tank maintenance in less then half the scheduled time

The USS Abraham Lincoln, nicknamed "Abe," and based in Everett, WA is the fifth Nimitz-class supercarrier in the U.S. Navy. The ship has a length of 1,092 feet and a flight deck area comprised of four and a half acres. It is powered by two nuclear power plants, features four engines and has a displacement of 97,500 tons.

Abe boasts all the amenities found in any American city with a comparable population, including more than 5,500 people on board, a post office with its own ZIP code, television and radio stations, newspaper, fire department, library, hospital, general store, barbershops and more. The ship has enough generating power to supply electricity to 100,000 homes, food and supplies to operate for 90 days and the capability of distilling more than 400,000 gallons of fresh water from the sea each day.

It was the aircraft carrier's 16 drinking water tanks that required blasting and coating due to corrosion that accumulated from the salt in the sea. The assignment was to abrasive blast the inside surfaces of the tanks, clean out the abrasive and debris, and prepare a clean, dry surface for the application of the paint coating.

The project required a sophisticated design incorporating abrasive handling equipment to facilitate high pressure blasting to remove the corrosion, dust collection systems to remove the airborne dust and debris from the blast work, humidity control to create a dry atmosphere inside the tanks to speed the drying of paint during application and blowers to remove volatile fumes.

The Pacific Northwest's largest Naval shore facility that provides ship maintenance for the U.S. Navy provided the tank maintenance project portion of the work.


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