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 SOUTHFIELD, Mich., April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- USMaintenance Corporation announced that it has been awarded the janitorial services contract for the 63-story, 2.9-million-square-foot USX Tower in Pittsburgh, thanks to its innovative Compass computerized housekeeping management system.
 "Computerized management is the only way you can effectively manage housekeeping when you're dealing with millions of square feet," according to USMaintenance Chairman Rick Brenner. "No one could afford the supervisory time it would take to manually track each individual cleaning task, room by room, for 15,000 different rooms."
 USMaintenance's Compass system does exactly that. It contains a detailed database of each individual room in the building, along with the tasks to be done in each room. Then every day, Compass prints assignments for each cleaner, telling where periodic tasks are due, and for each supervisor, telling where inspections are due. The completed forms are collected at the end of each shift and machine scanned. By 6 each morning, the database has been updated with the previous night's results and detailed status reports are on the building manager's desk.
 The contract for USX Tower, the largest building between Chicago and New York, marks the third time that USMaintenance has ousted a national, New York Stock Exchange incumbent with its Compass technology. The other two sites are the 1.5-million-square-foot Landmark Office Towers in Cleveland and the 2.5-million-square-foot Gateway Center in Pittsburgh. Through December 1991, USMaintenance's Compass accounts have generated more than $20 million of revenue. In 1992 alone, these three Compass accounts will generate $6 million.
 "Business-as-usual isn't good enough anymore," said Brenner. "Competition for tenants is forcing owners to demand new and higher quality janitorial services -- to differentiate their buildings with impeccable cleanliness."
 The multimillion-dollar USX contract was awarded to USMaintenance by The Galbreath Company, one of the nation's largest property management firms, after an exhaustive screening and evaluation process.
 "Galbreath put our management systems under a microscope and we passed with flying colors," said Brenner, whose 1,300-employee firm has more than 25 million square feet under contract in Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Louisville. Brenner started the firm at age 20, working his way through Michigan State University as a janitor.
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 -- Computerized housekeeping management. The Compass division of USMaintenance is the only full-time research and development project in the janitorial contracting industry. Started nearly 10 years ago with a mandate to develop more effective methods for managing housekeeping services, USMaintenance has invested more than $550,000 in the technology. Major benefits of the Compass system are:
 - Complete accountability of services performed
 - Higher productivity and lower overall labor cost
 - Full control over services performed each day
 - High cleaning quality
 -- Entrepreneurial ventures. Rick Brenner, chairman of USMaintenance, started the firm in 1971 as a way to subsidize his education at Michigan State University. The business has grown to $16 million in annual volume, with 1,300 employees serving 25 million square feet of office space in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Among the unique methods USMaintenance has employed to provide higher quality services than the industry-at-large are its Compass division and its Corporate Video Services (CVS) division. The Compass division is headquartered in Southfield, and consists of three full-time employees. The video services department was created in 1990 to develop training programs for USMaintenance employees. In January 1992, CVS opened a $500,000 video facility at 29100 Northwestern Highway. This facility will serve USMaintenance needs and will offer its services to other Detroit-area firms.
 -- Awarding a maintenance contract. The old boy referral network is passe. Awarding a multimillion-dollar job involves consultation with housekeeping specialists. USMaintenance won the USX contract after full-scale scrutiny by Vincent Elliott of Elliott Associates in Baltimore, a consultant that Galbreath hired to supervise the bidding process. Mr. Elliott is chairman of the housekeeping evaluation committee for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
 -- Compass sites. The contract for the world headquarters of USX Corporation brings the total square footage under Compass management to 7 million. USMaintenance was awarded Landmark Office Towers, the 1.5-million-square-foot world headquarters of the Sherwin-Williams Company in Cleveland, in March 1984. In December 1986, USMaintenance was awarded Gateway Center in Pittsburgh, Equitable's 2.5-million- square-foot complex that includes the world headquarters of Westinghouse Corporation.
 For information or photos, CONTACT: Erica Borchers, 313-354-6880, Ext. 200, or Rick Brenner, 313-358-2828, Ext. 400, both of USMaintenance Corporation Compass Headquarters/ CO: USMaintenance Corporation ST: Michigan IN: SU: CON

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