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USG Introduces SHEETROCK Brand MOLD TOUGH Gypsum Panels.

Gypsum Panels Actively Inhibit Mold and Provide Ease of Installation

CHICAGO -- Whether it's a basement, bathroom or any other commercial or residential environment with incidental or intermittent moisture exposure, construction professionals and homeowners alike have a new weapon in the fight against mold. USG (NYSE:USG) today introduced SHEETROCK([R]) brand MOLD TOUGH[TM] gypsum panels, the newest product in a family of industry-leading wallboard products marketed under the SHEETROCK brand name.

The SHEETROCK MOLD TOUGH gypsum panel is the first patented wallboard that actively inhibits mold growth on the surface paper, both back and front, and in the gypsum core. Utilizing a proprietary technology, ingredients are added during the manufacturing process to protect the wallboard from moisture and mold. The new product joins a complete family of mold-resistant products that includes DUROCK([R]) brand cement board and FIBEROCK([R]) brand AQUA-TOUGH[TM] interior panels, tile backboard and underlayment.

As a result of the premium performance of SHEETROCK MOLD TOUGH gypsum panels, the new product will replace SHEETROCK brand HUMITEK([R])gypsum panels and SHEETROCK brand gypsum panels, water resistant (green board) in USG's family of industry-leading products.

The HUMITEK and water-resistant product lines will be phased out as the new SHEETROCK MOLD TOUGH product is introduced on a regional basis.

"Moisture damage and mold growth are widespread problems that continue to plague builders, contractors and homeowners," said John Pappas, USG's product marketing manager, drywall systems. "We believe that the new MOLD TOUGH panel, when combined with proper building design, construction and maintenance practices, can significantly reduce typical moisture and mold problems. For more than a century, USG has continually been at the forefront of drywall research and development, and SHEETROCK MOLD TOUGH panels are a great example of that - superior mold-inhibiting qualities combined with easy installation give construction professionals and homeowners a product they can rely on in a wide variety of applications."

Research has shown that the majority of moisture problems still originate with water leaks - wet equipment or components, poor roofing or exterior flashing details, plumbing or HVAC system leaks, or poor site drainage or flooding. The most effective and economical strategy is to protect building materials and equipment from exposure to moisture during storage, construction and after completion of the building envelope.

SHEETROCK MOLD TOUGH gypsum panels score a 10 (on a scale of 0 to 10) for mold resistance under ASTM D3273 guidelines, but in addition to their mold-inhibiting properties, the panels save contractors and homeowners time and money. They score and snap quickly, finish easily and require no special installation procedures.

The new panels are designed specifically for use in interior areas. They will be available in 1/2-, 5/8-, 3/4- and 1-inch thicknesses in a variety of lengths. In addition, 1/2-inch panels that are UL classified for fire resistance (Type C) and 5/8-inch panels that are classified for fire resistance (Type X) will also be offered.

SHEETROCK MOLD TOUGH panels will be available regionally beginning in March at building material dealers, lumberyards and home improvement retailers. The initial rollout will begin in the Northeast, with other areas to follow into spring.

Building professionals and consumers interested in finding out more information about moisture and mold issues can visit, USG's Web site developed specifically about preventing mold. The site provides visitors with a comprehensive library of information and resources, as well as information about SHEETROCK MOLD TOUGH gypsum panels. This information is also available by calling (800) USG-4YOU or writing to USG, 550 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL 60661.

USG Corporation is a Fortune 500 manufacturer and distributor of high-performance building systems through its United States Gypsum Company, USG Interiors, Inc. and L&W Supply Corporation subsidiaries. Headquartered in Chicago, the company serves the residential and non-residential construction markets, repair and remodel construction markets, and industrial processes. USG's wall, ceiling, flooring and roofing products provide leading-edge building solutions for customers, while L&W Supply center locations efficiently stock and deliver building materials nationwide. For additional information, visit the USG Web site at
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Date:Feb 8, 2007
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